Mar 17, 2010

Health Insurance Bill

We have a special suprise today kids.  Today I have a guest blogger.  He is one of my best friends husbands, one of my husbands best friends and high school football and MY BOSS!  I told you on Friday he wouldn't have it ready by Tuesday.  Ironically it is not a post about me wasting time at work blogging.  He doesn't have his own blog, so he wanted to hi-jack mine for the day.  Here Jeremy.

I have an issue with the way that “our” government has been treating us lately. The insurance bill is the latest in these. I receive emails from the Obama organization regularly telling me to get behind this change and to volunteer time to support it, but I have yet to see any actual details about the proposal. All I get is what I would call marketing info. Give us some details about what you want me to be in favor of. This is the problem we have.

They want to allow uninsured people to obtain insurance. I don’t think people should be able to add and drop coverage as they find they are sick and in need of insurance, if that is the case, I will do the same! That can’t be supported financially for long if that is what is meant by allowing folks with preexisting conditions and no current coverage to obtain insurance. There is a reason the current systems discourage this and believe me, just as all government programs are abused this one will be too. Those people will stop paying when they don’t need it anymore, that’s why many don’t have it now. Who will be left with the bill?

They want to prevent big companies from “picking on the little guy” I am not saying that I like the way things are going, but how well do you know that the government has run anything? Everything they control is in debt and rising in costs. They couldn’t run the VA hospital system effectively, so we should let them have the whole thing?

Also what about riders to the bill, how can the American public think that anything in Washington is honest if a bill like this has riders that no one talks about, they just get through as negotiating tools. That doesn’t benefit any voter but it happens on every major bill. They stuck it to us on the Bail out bill, whether or not you were in favor of it, there were many riders that were never discussed that weren’t good for the country, but they snuck through.

What I haven’t been able to figure out is why they want this so bad. The public already said they didn’t want this when Hillary tried it. What is the benefit to them? I didn’t ask for this. I would rather insurance go away except for major coverage, and I still don’t want the government deciding if I can go to MD Anderson and instead send me to Bayshore, I would work harder for that decision. I haven’t felt like I am being represented in a long time, I can’t correspond with my house rep or even one of his assistants. Just get auto replys when I send a question. They don’t vote the way I think. I think it’s time for a major change.

And I better not forget...I want to participate in the Spring Swap over at Family of Shorts.  It looks like lots of fun and I already have a few ideas of what I want to send. 



Alyssa said...

I don't "get" the need for change or the benefit of it. There is no cost insurance already for people with very low incomes. The ER is constantly abused by individuals with no insurance who use it as a doctor's office. I don't want to be taxed/burdened further for working and paying for my already high cost health insurance. I say "just say 'no'" Plus I do not want gov't meddling in my healthcare decisions...Mr. President, with all due respect, please learn when enough is enough!

Cara, I mentioned you in my post tody.

Lee the Hot Flash Queen said...

I so agree with Jeremy. If I am sick with cancer, I don't want the government to tell me that I can't get the best treatment at the best hospital!

MiMi said...

I don't even want to tell you about what I think about the whole thing. It will make me sound crazy. But I agree. Kudos to you for posting this.

Amy said...

UGH, I completely agree with Jeremy! The frustrating thing is...don't we all have that stance?! Isn't that just the common sense view one should take on this matter?!

I believe everyone in Washington has completely lost their mind. God help us!