Mar 16, 2010

The (Little) Wicked Witch of the Smith Home

Here on my blog I feel I can say just about anything at all.  If it pops into my head, I can empty it out here.  Some of you my judge, but you are nice enough to not say so (at least so far).

In real life, however, I tend to be quiet and conservative and not very talkative (until I've had a few drinks).  I also tend not to worry much about my appearance in regards to wearing makeup or wearing the clothes that are the latest style.

My husband is my polar opposite.  He likes to talk to new people and manages to make new friends where ever he goes.  He is well suited for sales.  He is also usually the one who has to talk me into letting go of my favorite T-shirt from the late 1970's.

My sweet blue eyed, blond haired daughter takes after him in that aspect and then takes it much further than that.  Here is a snippet of our conversation from my bathroom vanity this weekend while getting ready to go somewhere.

Leaky:  Mom, why do you have so many wrinkles and don't do anything about it.  I don't have any wrinkles.

Me:  Of course you don't have are only 7 (mental note...start using wrinkle cream).

Leaky:  Why don't you do Weight Watchers?

Me:  Um, because I don't want to.

Leaky:  But, you're on a diet right???  Weight Watchers can help you.

Me:  Ok...I think I will keep working on it my way.

Leaky:  Why does your belly hang out over your pants.

Me:  Because I'm bloated and have PMS and if you ask me one more question, I might just have to take your pretty no wrinkles head off.  (I didn't really say that.  What I did say) It's not nice to point out things like that.

Leaky:  It's okay!  We're not in public!

Me:  You're right.  Don't ever say those things in public, now go tell your brother to brush his teeth (so I can have myself a nice little cry all by myself.)

I guess that it was appropriate that she was a witch for Halloween last year.


Lee the Hot Flash Queen said...

One thing about kids...they say what's on their mind. I think the filter kicks in sometime in their 20's or least I hope so.

MiMi said...

The other day my "sweet" little 6 year old said to me, "Move your big butt, mommy!" Brats. They're all brats.

Zack T. said...

The sweet little munchkins say the funniest things don't they. Your little girl seems adorable! Great reading her thoughts....

Amy said...

Oh no! This makes me dread when my son starts speaking in sentences! Maybe I won't teach him anything more than "apple" "dog" and "airplane"

Also? Me and you have a lot in common. I, too, tend to be of a quieter nature while my husband is the life of the party.

Evil Twin's Wife said...

I don't think the Evil Twin has ever met a stranger.

Kids are so funny. I like it when Sissy gets in bed with us on weekend mornings. She'll say, "Daddy, your breath is disgusting. I don't want to smell that nasty smell." LOL.

Lisa Marie said...

I guess your little one has seen a few Weight Watchers commercials!! hahaha...
I love how honest kiddos are,okay I don't always love it but I do appreciate it.

JennyMac said...

hahaha...little outspoken girl! I love it. I may have been a bit outspoken back in the day too. lol. And she was an adorable witch :)

jessalyn said...

it's these little tidbits that remind me how unready for kiddos i am. i would probably find a bridge to jump off of.

amelie522 said...

Girl, I don't know how many times my 3 year old has told me that my outfit doesn't look good, or he doesn't like my hair, or that my shoes don't go well with my dress. He's seriously who I now look to when making any and all wardrobe decisions. But MAN DOES IT HURT!!! I can only hope he'll grow up to be a set director or stylist for Vogue. Or a fashion designer. Superhero loving, dirt throwing, fashion designer. Wow, that sounds ridiculous. Love your blog!

Erin said...

Funny, my kids were witches last year as well.

And one of them keeps asking me about the "lines" on my forehead. Thanks so much, honey.


Kids have no filter!