Mar 30, 2010

Passover Debate In the News

Yesterday when I was looking at news sites on the internet, I saw the same type story on two different sites.  It a nutshell, the headline was Jewish leaders upset that Christians were celebrating Passover.  Before opening the articles to investigate this further, my first thought to this was "Are they being protective over "their" holiday because we have Easter?"  That concept seemed ridiculous.  I mean, our messiah was Jewish.  He would have partaken in the Passover feast.  I have never been to a Seder, but I do acknowledge the Passover and don't believe any faith should be able to tell another "You are not allowed to believe in what I believe, because all our views are not the same".

Then I investigated further.  What I found within the articles didn't really reflect what the headline did.  In fact it mentioned that some rabbi's will hold a community Seder in which individuals of all religious backgrounds can attend and learn more about the history and traditions.

The headlines were more directed at Christians that have the Seder feast and take the other traditions with in the feast and mold them to fit a Christian perspective.  Such as the matzot (used to symbolize the Jewish patriarchs, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob).  The Christians referred to in this article re-purpose the symbolism to be representative of Jesus in the birth, death (the broken matzot), and the resurrection.

I do believe the Last Supper was a Passover meal (depending on the source may have been one day before).  What I don't believe should be happening is taking the sacred traditions of a group and molding them to fit what you want it to.  Christians believe in Abraham, Isaac and Jacob so why not let that symbolize what it was originally designed for?

What is your opinion on this?  What side do you come down on?

*Disclaimer:  I am a Christian.  I believe that Jesus is the savior.  That said, I also believe in the rights of every person to be able to persue the faith of their choice.


Ian said...

I think that people need to get a life and stop throwing their opinions on other religions. Period.

And I am Jewish btw.

Ian said...

Not sure if that last comment was clear...

Who cares? I celebrate Xmas and if I wanted to celebrate Kwanzaa too then why have a problem with it?

MiMi said...

Passover happened, right? I mean the story is in the Old Testament. It happened.
As a Christian, don't we HAVE to observe that it happened? Whether we celebrate or not. Der.
Does that make sense?
Also, sometimes I think newspapers put headlines up just fishing for a reader. They actually don't make the headlines accurate.

Evil Twin's Wife said...

Our Catholic church has a Seder meal every Passover. Nothing is tweaked - it's celebrated like Jesus would have.

Amy said...

I believe people should be able to celebrate and worship what they choose. I was raised in a roman catholic community were I did not know any jews, nor anything about their religion. But as I grew up I befriended many jewish people and have the utmost respect for their beliefs and traditions.

Seems like it should just be common sense in any religion,huh?

Respect other's beliefs

Zack T. said...

Everyone is huffy about everything these days. Arrrghh...

BTW Congrats. You won an award on ZacksHotTub.Blogspot.Com - head on over to pick it up.

Eternally Distracted said...

I think all should be left to believe in what they wish... I live in a Muslim country and can honestly say that they take on board all religions and faiths... it has most definitely changed my mind about this side of the world for the better.

Erin said...

I try to steer clear of religion and politics on my blog for the most part. People are so sensitive.

That being said, I am Jewish. ANd as long as we all respect one another and our differences, I am okay with it.