Apr 20, 2010

If It Can, It Will

I am not starting my week off on the right foot.

This week I am coming into work at 4am so that I have enough hours by the end of the day Wednesday, that I am not missing any time by taking off to go to New York on Thursday.

Yesterday, I was cruising along through my work when I get a phone call from the school nurse.  My first thought after seeing the caller id is "She cannot seriously be getting sick this week".  Nope that was not the case.  Apparently, she was hit in the eye by the corner of a piece of paper flying across the class room.  Nurse thinks it looks minor, but it would be best to get it checked out by the doctor.  So much for working any extra hours.

Doctor takes a look under a magnifying glass with a light and doesn't see anything.  Wants to make sure, so she put fluorescent dye in her eye and looks with a more specialized magnifying glass in the dark.  There it is.  An abrasion in the center of the cornea.  Antibiotic ointment in the eye (luckily I don't have to do this) and  a eye bandage.  She also has to go back this afternoon for a follow up to make sure it is healing!  Once again, getting up at 3 is becoming necessary just to work an 8 hour day!  Grrrrr!

Honestly, I am thanking God that is was just a minor scratch.  The outcome could have been a whole lot worse.  She was thankful for it because it got her out of cleaning her room and putting away laundry for one more day.

Get home to the boy throwing a tantrum the likes of which have not been seen it quite some time, the roast is not cooked due to crock pot issues, and I am exhausted.  Many thanks to my husband for coming home and taking over.

This morning repeats the process of up at before the butt crack of dawn.  I get to work, settle in.  Go grab my cup for my morning coffee.

WHAT THE MOTHER TRUCKING CRAP!  There is no creamer!  If you read yesterday, I drink my creamer with a touch of coffee.  This morning I am reduced to drinking it black.  This is not bound to be a good day.


Alyssa said...

I am sorry. I can't get past how your daughter was hit in the eye. Are flying papers usual in her class? Or was this an accident? I hope it was.

Have a better day today.

Evil Twin's Wife said...

Poor little girl! That has to be a pain. My son has vision problems from birth and had to wear an eye patch every day for years, so I know that it stinks.

I think I might have to switch to the non-dairy nasty powder creamer. The older I get, the less the lactose likes me. Bleh.

Ian said...

Good lord sorry to hear that...here's hoping for a much better day!

Pam Ponder said...

yikes a paper cut in the eye gives me cold chills I hope she is OK.. Just breathe!!!!!

Lisa Marie said...

Your poor sweet girl!!!!!

jessalyn said...

poor thing!!

i hate when days are like that. it seems like everything goes wrong!

hope today goes better (despite the lack of creamer...)

Mommy Lisa said...

Poor sweetie, but I know from experience eyes heal QUICKLY!

Hope your day gets better.

MiMi said...

Aww! Poor baby girl. :(
My son's school called the other day because he "had a tangle with another student" and got a black eye.
I thought she meant he got beat up. No. THANK GOD, I would have had to go kick some elementary shooler's butt. Anyway.
He litterally got his legs tangled with his friend and they both got knocked over by some girl who was running by. Sadness.

Katherine ( Katie) Corrigan said...

Poor sweetie. I hope she's feeling better soon. Wishing you happiness, Katherine

Coffee Please!?! said...

maybe our daughters can be friends ... are you near nj? LOL ... it seemed like every week for a while she was getting poked in the eye ... by something (a pencil, a finger, another finger ...) i finally told her no more gymnastics if she continues to go the nurse once a day! SUX about your creamer! i am totally with you on that one - i don't even like regular "milk" in my coffee! hope things go in the right direction tomorrow!!!

RN Mama said...

Oh hell, if there was no creamer I would have gone straight back to bed!

I hope your daughter's eye is doing better! Working for an ophthalmologist, I see all kinds of crazy eye injuries. One of the best ones was a girl who got into a fight with another girl at a bar, and the other girl stabbed her in the eye with a stilleto!

Salt said...

Oh no! Your poor girl!! She looks so miserable with that patch on her eye. I'm sending good eye-vibes and hope it heals up quick!

I hope you'll have some creamer for your coffee tomorrow morning! I absolutely can't even swallow coffee if it's black. Must. Have Creamer. In large quantities!

sandandstarfish said...

i had to drink my coffee black this morning and thought of you. actually what really happened was that i took a sip and dumped it. i need creamer. good thing i made a small pot!