Apr 21, 2010

Journey from Muffin Top to Skinny Jeans - Week 3

weight loss

Well, it's Wednesday again.  That means its time to check in with Family of Shorts for Journey from Muffin Top to Skinny Jeans.  Want to join in?  Click on the button or link and get busy!

How do you handle a gain or the feeling of knowing your didn't do as well as you had hoped?

I try to prepare myself for no results.  When I am mentally prepared to handle no change in my weight, it feels even better if I have achieved a loss.  But if I have been working really hard and see a gain, I might spend the rest of the day eating things I know I shouldn't.

What kind of effect does this have on you?

It can be really depressing.  It ends up creating a cycle where I try to make up for my bad day (or days) for the remainder of the week, and then have to face the scale again.
Is there something constructive you can do to reward yourself for small steps?

This one is tough.  I tend not to reward myself to much.  Just had a little epiphany...maybe I can put a couple dollars in a jar for every pound I loose, then when I reach my goal weight I will have $80 to go buy myself something nice that flatters my new figure.
And how are you doing this week?

I've been doing pretty bad the past couple of days.  I am not really wanting to blog about it, but otherwise, I have no accountability for my actions. I really need accountability to change my ways.

I got on the scale this morning and I have actually lost a pound since last week.  And I did exercise.  I managed to get through 2 days of the 30 Day Shred before my muscles were so tight I could hardly walk.
What were your challenges?
This week the majority of my challenges have come from the hours I am working.  I am getting to work at 4 am (so no morning workout) and by the time I get home at 5:30 I am so tired I want to collapse.  I am also a bit worried about how I am going to do this weekend.  We leave for NYC tomorrow morning and I know I am going to eat somethings that are wayyyyyy off the healthy eating plan.  Maybe I can balance it out at various meals.


Ian said...

Hey losing something is better than nothing! If you get to work that early what time do you get home?

Laffylady said...

Its a long hard road..but your sticking to it..!! Good for you..Hey laughing is really good exercise..!

Jana said...

Hi, buying something nice for yourself as a reward is a good plan...

Pam Ponder said...

you can't reward yourself to much if your sticking to the plan!! I love your idea think of the great new clothes!!! well not that many 80 wont go that far LOL but you can get something great!! I need to join this I need to lose around 50 yikes did I say that..I would be happy to lose 30
I hope your daughter is feeling better :-)

Sara said...

I love the money jar, that's a great way to reward yourself. Have fun in New York!

Jennifer said...

Dont be scared about eating those foods. Try to work on portion rather than to avoid something that is all to yummy. We have to remember not to deprive ourselves...that usually leads to benging cause we are jonesing for something yummy...Good luck and great idea with the $1 a pound.

Salt said...

Nice job with the Shred! I could barely get out of bed after doing it once. It seemed so easy in theory, but then it completely kicked my butt!

Erin said...

The Shred is hard, no doubt. But I tell myself the up side is it's only a half-hour workout....which is GREAT! It's always harder after a long day, but if I can just force myself through it, I feel so much better when I'm done.

Opt for salads or split some entrees on your trip. That will help a bit! Have fun!

Monique-aka-Surferwife23 said...

You work from 4AM until 5:30PM?

Good grief, girl! I can see why you are too exhausted to work out.

You're doing a fine job! Keep it up!!

shortmama said...

I L-O-V-E the idea of rewarding yourself by setting aside money for a sexy new outfit! Such a great idea!

1lb is better than nothing! I only lost 1/2lb this week but 5 over the last 3 and I was totally ok with the smaller loss this week!

MiMi said...

So hard. This is so hard, right? Gah.
Sounds like you are doing good though, and with those hours, you are amazing!
Hey, you gotta tell me why your blog is named The Gone Again Smiths. :)

J.B. said...

I like that feeling of tight muscles. It lets me know I have accomplished something. Well, OK, not when you can't walk.

Best luck in NY. Sometimes I fret a lot when I'm on vacation and then I come home 1 pound lighter. Go figure.

Jenny said...

I like your idea for rewarding yourself.

At least since you are going to NYC even if you eat something bad you walk a lot there so it balances itself out ;)

Alyssa said...

I love the idea of putting money away for each pound lost. That would be an incentive, I think, for me. Can't wait to hear about NY. My favorite city...but I wouldn't want to live there!

Aunt Becky said...

I reward myself for every week that I manage to do Weight Watchers (and lose). But I think that even the weeks I will gain, I'll probably try and do something nice for myself because those are the weeks that it's hardest on your ego, you know?

Tracie said...

I can tell you that I ate like a fool in NYC. It's hard not to. Now I'm trying to get back on the wagon.

RN Mama said...

The 30 Day Shred is so hardcore! I can't understand how anyone could actually do it 30 days in a row!

Keep up the good work:)