Apr 30, 2010

Let's Hear It for New York* - Friday

sang in my best Alicia Keys impersonation (doesn't sound any better, but I'm getting more confident)

If you missed it, you can find Part I here.

Today's edition will chronicle day two of our New York adventures...


5:30a - I am mother truckin' tired of that damn a/c noise.  Stupid hubs can sleep though any damn thing.  I get up, turn the bane of my existence off, open the windows, and lie in bed staring at the ceiling for the next 2 hours.

9:00a - Clint joins me in wakefulness, and we head down to meet CJ and Jen at Starbucks (we weren't in the same hotel because of some booking issues...apparently the draft was in NYC the same weekend)

9:30a - Coffee in hand, Advil kicking in, we head off to the one and only must do thing on our list.  The waffle guy (seen on "Throwdown" on the Food Network 1 month prior to our trip).  As fate would have it, they were parked literally around the corner from our hotel Friday morning (they have a website where you can find their location at any time).  We wanted to take a picture, but just after we placed our order, a burly man comes out of the building behind us and provided us with the catch phase of the weekend.  (In a bad NY accent) "I got better things to do with my day than chase down waffle guys".  Apparently the building occupants (looked to be a photography gallery) did not want the truck there and had told them to move the week before.  Whooops!  At least we got our kick-ass waffles first!

10:00a - After a quick stop in Time Square to see if available shows are posted yet, and popping into Toys R Us to see the indoor ferris wheel, we were ready for the MET.  I think I could have spent an entire week in this place and not seen it all.  Greek, African and Asian, Oh my!

1:30p - Lunch break for some hot dogs in the park from the street vendor.  I never understood, until then why people say they love tulips.  After seeing them in the park, I am reformed.

2:00p - Back in the MET to see King Tut's Funeral and the art wing.  Jen spent a bit of time searching for the perfect place to have dinner on her phone (thanks again Jen), and Clint spent a lot of time taking pics of her doing so.

3:30p - Oh crap, we are running late.  We need to get to Time Square and get in line for tickets to the show we want to see.  Now, being the classy folks we are, you might think we were desperately trying to get tickets to the Cirque du Soleil "Ovo" show or Chicago (these were actually or back up choices).  No, we desperately wanted to see, wait for it...."Rock of Ages".  You see, CJ and I are only slightly obsessed with the 80's and our spouses put up with it, they are really fans to.  Did I mention Constantine from American Idol fame was the "star" of the show.  Didn't really amount to a hill of beans to me, but some people love their American Idol like I love my Hair Bands.

4:30p - Tickets in hand, Jen wanted to change before the show, so she and CJ headed back to their hotel while Clint and I went to the Hard Rock for some pre-dinner drinks.  We were sitting next to a large group who were trying to avoid their responsibilities of being in a wedding they were in town for.  They were also Dr. Pepper lovers, so when Clint ordered his usual Jim Beam and DP they were all over it.  Apparently this was new to them, so he passed his glass for them to sample his chosen concoction.  He now has some converts from the Jim Beam and coke crowd.

5:30p - We ate our pre-Show dinner at a wonderful little Italian restaurant called Fragolino Trattoria.  The food was wonderful as was the service.  But the kicker comes when I look across the street to see this little gem.  It takes everyone else 30 minutes to see it because of the traffic going by each time they look.  But it is there.  And it has my name (that's not my middle name BTW, but is what I was name for, It means Dear One in Italian).  Next time we are in NYC we are eating there.  I have put my foot down on that one.  Hell, I was ready to leave the restaurant we were in just to see if we could even get into the place...is that bad of me?

7:15p - We have a few minutes to kill before the most rockin show on Earth, so we stop at the place next to the theater Trattoria Trecolori for dessert and drinks.  We ordered 3 different things, tiramisu, cannoli and some other thing that I cannot remember for the life of me.  They were sooooo yummy!

8:00p - Broadway here we come.  The show was awesome and we had an awesome time singing along to our fave '80's tunes.  I was sad when it was over, but I can replay just about every song the show featured on my iPod since I already have them.

11:00p - We figure this is a good a time as any to go check out the Statue of Liberty.  We were told in advance (by Clint's parents) that actually going to the Statue is an all day affair, but you can see it at night from the Staten Island Ferry.  I don't think it was be an experience we would like to have again.  At least not late at night.  The hum of the ferry for 30 minutes there and 30 minutes back nearly put us all to sleep.  And we did not get very good pictures.  These were the best ones...

1:30a - Ah, sleep, I am coming for you now.  But I learned my lesson.  No a/c.  Windows open, blinds down (no one wants to wake up to pigeons sitting on their bed).  I will leave you with one last photo, that I'm guessing Clint took because of the Sweet Action drink.  Not sure where it was taken though.

Tune in on Tuesday to find out what all we managed to squeeze into Saturday!


MiMi said...

Okay, yeah, I got lots of cool images from this post, and it sounds SO fun! A waffle place that moves?! Awesome.
But. Your friend is married to a CJ? So am I! That's the most important thing I got out of it.

Salt said...

I am becoming more and more jealous of this trip every second. The last time I went to the Met, I did it alone and spent like 6 hours in there. I think I might have gotten lost at one point. One of my favorite museums ever for sure.

Yankee Girl said...

I love the MET. I was only there once, but I spent the entire day there and still only saw about 1/4 of the museum. It really is amazing.

Tracie said...

The Met is def. an all day affair. We went on Sunday and had to pick and choose which wings we went to. I think we were at The Whitney when you were at the Met. Like ships passing in the night....

RN Mama said...

Sigh. I'm living vicariously through you! I want to go to NY so bad, but aren't the hotel rooms hell-a expensive??

Anonymous said...

The trip sounds fab but it's making me tired reading about all your adventures... I need a coffee and then will be back to read part 1 - coz I'm a bit backward like that!!

Pam Ponder said...

I am so jealous, BROADWAY!! sounds like you made a great choice for the show you saw!!I have always wanted to go, the food all sounds amazing.. you sure did alot can't wait to read what you did on Saturday!!!someday, someday!!!