Apr 28, 2010

Muffin Top to Skinny Jeans - 1 Month!

So, I've been a blog slacker.  I haven't posted in a week and I have so much to share about my trip to New York.  First, I have to charge my camera so I can get the photos off of it.  I guess I've been a slacker in other areas too.  Ooops.

On to the weekly check in for Journey from Muffin Top to Skinny Jeans hosted by Shortmama...


How did you do on our first month of the journey? Were you able to stay on track with the 3 simple changes you chose in our first challenge? Are there adjustments that you can see you need to make in order to continue to be successful at winning this battle of losing weight?

I was doing really well with most of my small changes.  The one I struggled with the most was taking my lunch with me, especially when my schedule got crazy.
This week was a bit disappointing for me.  I didn't get on the scale this morning because I got on the scale Sunday evening when we got home.  I was aware that my trip to New York was not going to have a great effect on my weight loss journey, but figured I would be balancing it a bit with all the walking and stair climbing we did.

That turned out not to be the case according to my evil scale.  I am apparently starting over.  Last week I was sitting pretty at 5 lbs lost.  Now, I am back at square one.  It really knocked me off the horse, so to speak for Monday.  I can't say that I didn't contemplate just giving up.  But that passed and I am now getting up and dusting myself back off.  I am really hoping that some of the extra weight that showed up can be attributed to a sneaky little thing that is supposed to be on a 28 day cycle, but showed up on a 21 day in the middle of a Broadway show (lucky I caught on to that early).

This weekend one of our local gyms is having a grand re-opening and is offering $0 enrollment.  Usually they tack on fees elsewhere to offset that cost, but I am going to go check it out. 


Pam Ponder said...

at least you had fun and sounds like you got exercise in and thats important...can't wait to see all your pictures I have ne \ver been to New York

shortmama said...

You might be surprised to see that you have a big loss next week once Aunt Flo takes a hike. I know I certainly hold on to the sodium in every morsel of food that comes across my mouth during Flos visit. Hopefully it will be the same for you and even if not, dont give up!!

Salt said...

Vacations always get me too. I swear I gained 10 pounds while we were on our honeymoon with everything I was eating. Don't be too hard on yourself! It probably does have something to do with your cycle also.

Good luck with the gym membership thing! I hope there aren't too many hidden costs.

Connie Weiss said...

You know it's possible that you will settle back to your pre-vacaiton weight once you start eating normally again.

Good Luck with the gym membership! $0 enrollment is great!

Monique-aka-Surferwife23 said...

The gain is as expected with a vacation and the bitch showing up.

I bet you will see a good loss next week. Don't give up!!

J.B. said...

Good luck with your plans. Next week will be better. Your attitude is good and that counts for a lot.

Sara said...

New York sounded like a lot of fun!! Next week will be better. Just having Aunt Flo gone will show results. I always do better the week after her, yuck!

Good luck next week and have a great week,

Symply Me said...

Way to get back on that horse! I always hate when Aunt Flo shows up uninvited, and early. I'm sure that will make a difference. Good luck!

sandandstarfish said...

I'm getting back on the horse with you! I had a hard week filled with emotional eating which brought on those 5 pounds that I had lost too. But I'm waking up early tomorrow morning and then the next and the next and the next to workout.
Hang in there... and remember how great you felt when you lost the weight. And happy gym re-opening! I wish I was part of one so I could be in their areobics classes.
Good luck!

sandandstarfish said...

p.s. glad to see you're back :)

MiMi said...

I don't think you gained that 5 lbs back. I bet you were eating more salt which retains water. Along with aunt flo...more water.
And also your body is out of whack. You've been working a crazy schedule and then you were on a mini vacay. Which completely messes the body up. :)