Apr 7, 2010

Not Going It Alone Anymore


Well, here I go again.  Trying to loose weight and get healthy.  But this time I am joining in on shortmamas Journey from Muffin Top to Skinny Jeans.  It is always easier when you have someone do support you on your goals.  And this way there are lots of someones.

The assignment for this week was to list 3 small things you can change to start you down the path to weight loss.

1.  Pack my lunch (and breakfast and snacks) and take it to work.  We have a cafe out here at the plant and "healthy" is not on the menu.  My problem has been that I leave so early in the morning (usually no later than 5:20 a.m.) that I don't have time to make it.  I am committing myself to set aside a few minutes each evening and put together a healthy meal that I can just grab on my way out the door.

2.  Eat breakfast.  Not just breakfast, but a high fiber filling one that will last me till lunch time so I am not tempted to go grab a sugary snack from the vending machine or grab a kolache (sausage stuffed sweet bun) that someone brought in.  I am trying to stick with oatmeal or whole grain toast with Greek yogurt.

3.  Get up and move.  After a 10 hour work day and nearly 2 hours commuting, I want to kick off my shoes, grab an adult beverage and veg out for awhile.  I need to get my butt outside and run around with my kids.  It will make us both happier have the benefit of burning a few calories.

There you go.  Today is the start of a new me.  Nah, not really, but it is the day I am going to start trying to take better care of the me I already am.  And maybe, just maybe I will let my self control win over the Easter candy tonight.


Monique-aka-Surferwife23 said...

Make sure you stick to #3. Especially coming after your post about not relinquishing control and letting your feelings get the best of you.

Exercise and fresh air work wonders. I can't not work out. I am just mentally checked out when I don't get my my blood moving. You will notice a huge difference in your moods and ability to go with the swing of things.

jessalyn said...

yay for new commitments! :)

it has been my experience that planning and being prepared is so huge in being successful. if i schedule in my workout and plan my days meals the night before i am soo much more likely to stick to it. i so hear you on hitting the vending machine, or grabbing something easy! i am working on the planning ahead thing myself right now!

good luck & i am rooting for you! :)

Erin said...

Great idea---take it and run with it!!!

I just got Jillian Michaels' 30-Day Shred dvd....I'm on Day 2 of Level 1. Hard. But supposed to produce real results...and I love your breakfast ideas!!

J.B. said...

Yay pre-planning is such a help. Am I thin yet?

Connie Weiss said...

Planning meals is so important!

Have a great week!

Symply Me said...

Dang! Kinda puts things into perspective for me. I mean, if you can do it, and work, and commute, then surely I can squeeze all my goals in, when I'm home all day! Look forward to getting to know you through this!

RN Mama said...

Good luck, you can do it!! Just remember, it's a lifestyle change:)

shortmama said...

Wow you have long work days!! But getting out and running around with the kids is a great way to sneak in some exercise, I need to do the same thing!

Thanks for joining in!

Salt said...

These are all fantastic goals that I should be sticking to as well. I'm pretty much stationary all day for work staring at my computer screen, and it's important to get that exercise in after being so sedentary.

I've just recently started eating breakfast as well and it's so hard for me to remember to do it!

You definitely don't have to go it alone. I think a lot of us are in the same boat as you are. We can keep each other motivated!!

MiMi said...

The high fiber breakfast is so important. I always skip breakfast. Which is stupid. Cuz I know better.

Amy said...

Good luck to you honey!
I think packing your own meals is going to help out tramendously!
Even if you think you are eating healthy at a take out/restaurant spot, it is more than likely loaded with sodium.

You're much better off planning ahead and eating something nutritious:)