May 26, 2010

What a Weekend!

Man alive it was busy!  So busy in fact, it has taken me till Wednesday to re-coop and get my act together and get the pictures loaded.

The parties went off well.  I had to keep reminding myself to relax and not to stress over little things.

R and I ended up cancelling our mani/pedi appointments on Friday since she didn't have anyone to watch her daughter and holding a wiggly 15 month old is not very conducive to having pretty nails.  So we went shopping instead.  We found some really cute jewelry, swim cover ups, shoes, and a shirt that I ended up wearing out to the concert.

Everyone met up at a pub called Boondoggles on Clear Lake for drinks and snacks before the concert.  The place was packed, so we sat on the picnic tables out on the patio.  Let me tell you May + Houston = Too effin' hot to sit outside to eat.  My hair, that I actually took the time to fix (the one time this month) was flat within minutes.  We were lucky enough to find a table right in front of the fan though, so at least we were not pouring sweat.  We passed a good part of the time making fun of bossman's (R's hubby) new haircut.  It was very metro looking and gelled, which is not at all his style.

We got to the concert around 10 and had about 30 minutes to kill before crowding in front of the stage for a great show.  Stoney rocked the house with several new songs and lots of favorites from The Red Dirt Album.  If you enjoy a rougher sounding country you should definitely check out Stoney LaRue.

Saturday morning we got  up early to go out on the water.  We had to go pick up our kids and R and bossman's kids (they had a sleepover) from my in-laws house and then we were ready to go.  We were meeting a couple from our small group at the dock and they were bringing their 3 girls also.  It was really fun seeing all 8 kids interact with each other and play in the water.  The best thing for the day though was watching our small group navigator go flying off the tube and catching it on freeze frame with our camera.  We even considered going back to Boondoggles for lunch since it is right there on the water with docks, but we didn't want to take a break from our water play time.

The only bad thing is Clint and I got sunburned pretty badly.  Here is a helpful tip.  If you plan on using the spray type sunscreen that is now very popular, do not apply it when the wind is blowing.  It is not really making it to your skin and you will end up looking like a lobster, as I do now.

We got off the water around 3 and had to haul booty.  The BBQ was supposed to start at 4 and we still had to drop off the boat at home, get cleaned up a little, stop at Party City and get across town.  We were late, but were also only the 2nd ones there so it was ok.

The kids spent the entire time in the pool.  We couldn't even convince them to get out long enough to eat dinner.  Despite Leaky being a really strong swimmer, I had to restrict her to the shallow end a few times because she was so tired from a full day and staying up late the night before with her friends.

Overall the party weekend was a success.  I hope all my friends enjoyed their Birthday Weekend and a big thanks to all those who helped out with the planning.


JennyMac said...

Sorry for the sunburn but thanks for the tip...aerosol sun block is NOT wind resistant. :)

Salt said...

I learned about the spray sunscreen vs. wind thing first hand when I was on my honeymoon. You are absolutely right. It also makes you have really bizarre burn lines like the one massive zebra stripe that was on the front of my husband's leg.

Sounds like a VERY full and fun weekend!

shortmama said...

Sounds like a good time!

SurferWife said...

That seies of pictures is the best! I love when that kind of stuff is caught on film.

Pat Tillett said...

Now that is a busy weekend. It sounds like it was fun though. I know all about the spray sun screen. I also don't allow anybody in our pool who is using it. It always comes off in the pool (no matter what they say).

Mamarazzi said...

looks like y'all had a great time...minus the sunburns ouch!

MiMi said...

It looks and sounds like an awesome time to me!!!