Jun 3, 2010

Memorial Weekend

My entire adult life, Memorial Weekend has been an adults only weekend on the Guadalupe River for the crew.  The only children that ever participated in our group weekend parties were the ones some of us ladies were hosting in our bellies.  Chunky Dunkin' (skinny dippin' for those not rail thin), alcohol, tent camping in sweltering heat, and at least one torrential downpour were all a part of our normal one hedonistic weekend a year.

This year that all changed.  We actually had to include our own children in our Memorial Day escapades...something about our collective parents not wanting to babysit.  Pshhh!

Since we had to include the Little People this year, we changed it all up.  We planned well in advance to rent cabins on the Frio river (tamer than the Guadalupe in many ways).  There were 2 cabins and 5 couples along with all our kids.  Only one couple didn't have kids, but another in the group brought along another friends kids, so it evened out.  All together we had 10 adults and 11 kids (1-1yr old, 1-4yr old, 2-6yr olds, 3-7yr olds, 1-8yr old, 2-11yr olds and 1-12yr old).  Right now I am really wishing I had gotten a big group photo of all of us.  But the one here is most of the group breaking for lunch.

I could give you a play-by-play of the weekend, but mostly everyday would be the same...Play in the river, barbecue, hang out on the patio with a few drinks and let the kids run wild until they wore themselves out.  All in all it was a wonderful weekend and we actually do understand that even our parents need their weekend of hedonism every now and then!


Pat Tillett said...

Looks like a fun, back to nature event. Having kids around, pretty much makes it all about them. But, it's probably an experience they'll never forget.

MiMi said...

It looks so fun!
I love your swimsuit, btw!

Amy said...

So fun!!! I think I've been on the Gaudaloupe...I know I was in New Braunfells, Tx (sp?)

Looks like a great weekend...even if the littles had to tag along;)

RN Mama said...

Aww, your kids look like they had a fun time! I love the pictures;)