Nov 15, 2010

1200 Miles From Home

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My time there was filled with experiences I never expected to have.  Like being a waitress/beer tub girl in a country bar, getting to know and actually considering an ex-convict a good friend, owning my first motorcycle and the one and only Bike Week.  It seems like there was so much that happened in just over a year.  I have picked just a few moments out of time to share.

Labor Day weekend of 2001 saw me moving to Florida on my own.  Clint wasn't quite done with his job and I was transferring within my company to another apartment property that needed an assistant manager a month ago.  No big deal.  It would be an adventure.  I hopped in the truck with the dogs, my mattress and 19" TV and not much else.

I had been adjusting to my new surroundings for exactly one week when as I was opening up the office, making the Otis Spunkmeyer cookies and coffee, I turned on the TV in the resident lounge area.  The top news was that a plane had crashed into one of the World Trade Center buildings.  Everyone was scrambling to find out what was going on when on live TV I saw the second plane circle around and purposefully fly directly into the other tower.  The news continued to unfold the most devastating news of my lifetime over the remainder of the morning until the owners of our property decided to send us all home for the remainder of the day.
The next several days filled me with anxiety.  I was all alone in a new place with no cell phone service.  I was a nervous wreck until Clint showed up unexpectedly.  He had decided to leave a week early, just one day before the tragedy to surprise me.
In late November of that year our friends in Texas called to let us know they were having a baby.  We were on our way to the airport when we got the call as I was going to Atlanta on a business trip.  I started counting as soon as I got off the phone.  Then, I check my calendar when I got on the plane.  I had the whole flight to worry about the possibility.  When I finally reached the hotel, I checked in and then went in search of a store.  I needed a pregnancy test.  My suspensions were confirmed.  We were having a baby.  I was not sure whether to be excited or scared.  I was definitely worried about telling Clint.  I shouldn't have been.  Somehow he knew the second he got on the phone.
Just a few weeks later I started spotting at my company's Christmas Party and miscarried later that weekend.  The way Clint supported me through the emotional aftermath confirmed what I already knew deep down.  Clint was my future.
My doctor advised after the miscarriage to wait at least 3 months before trying again if that was what we wanted to do.  So we sat down in April and had the conversation.  Yes, we did want children, but our situation at that time wasn't right for it.  We knew we wanted to get married when we got back home to Texas, about a year later and we wanted to be surrounded by our family and friends.  So we would wait.  I got pregnant with Angelique the same night of that conversation.  We decided to wait a little while to tell anyone this time mostly because I was nervous.  That changed Mother's Day weekend.  I received a package in the mail from Clint's mother.  She had started making a blanket as soon as she found out about the first pregnancy.  She had said in her letter that she knew there would be another baby someday for us.  At that point we had to call her up to let her know that should would be a grandma sooner than later.
We also called Clint's grandma to let her in on the news.  Her response was my absolute favorite ever.  She told him, "Well honey, I knew if you kept trying, you'd get it right someday".

We also got engaged in May.  We had gone to the mall to look at rings and try to figure out what to get.  I was looking at a 1/4 carat princess cut while he was pointing out a 1 carat marquis.  I told him I could never wear anything that large.  I would be happy with something smaller.

When we got back home I was laying down, contemplating a nap when Clint told me he had a surprise for me.  It was hidden somewhere in our apartment and my clue was moo.  I spent the next half hour looking under bells, checking the milk, cheese and yogurt in the fridge, looking in jacket pockets and shaking shoes.  I gave up and he told me I had a one point been close.  So, I started my search again only to come up empty handed, again.  I was frustrated and crying on the bed when Clint took me into the closet, picked up one of his dress shoes and pulled out a box.

Clint proposed to me in our bathroom while I was bawling and getting on to him for being so mean to me.  He had bought the ring in March and was waiting for us to go home Memorial Weekend to have all our friends around us, but with my emotional state figured it was better to do it with just the two of us.  Oh yeah, it was a 1-1/4 carat marquis that I had told him was too big.  I got over that though.
I moved back to Texas and in with Clint's mom and step dad 6 months into my pregnancy in order to keep my job (gotta keep the insurance when you're having a baby) and plan our wedding.  Clint stayed in Florida to finish his last month of school.  We were getting married one week after graduation!


RN Mama said...

What a wonderful story!! And wow, a 1 1/4 carat diamond? Nice!!

shortmama said...

What a cute engagement!

Anonymous said...

I love happy endings! Clint did good... 1 1/4 carat...BAM!