Nov 10, 2010

The One That Wasn’t Meant To Be (Thank God) – Clint

The next part of our story takes us to Clint's version of the one that wasn't meant to be.

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Wow, I hate this story.  At least it has a happy ending.  I ended up with the most wonderful woman in the world who has helped me become a man I never thought I could be. 

OK…  Junior year high school.  My friend Wild Bill introduced me to a girl he new from his neighborhood at lunch one day.  She was one year younger than me 5’4”, blonde, blue eyes about 100 lbs.  Met her again at a city dance that weekend and started dating from then.  It was puppy love at first sight.  I should have known she was going to be trouble.  On our first date her father came to a party she drug me to and caught her with a bottle of rum thrown up.  I fortunately was not drinking because I wanted to make a good impression on the folks.  Dad grounded her and I hung in for the next few weeks.  We were pretty much inseparable. 

For the next few years of High School it was a typical relationship with only a few arguments here and there.  One of which is when she scared the crap out me saying that she missed her period and she might be the P word.  Of course this was just a test from a silly little confused girl.  After I graduated she still had one year left.  I worked and went to school while she did the same.  In the winter of 1998 I sold my beloved motorcycle and bought a ring.  (I wish I could go back and beat my own ass for that dumb move).  I remember asking her father if I could marry her.  He said “You know she is going to end up just like her mother”.  Kristi’s mother was a notorious head case who purposely argued with her father constantly to annoy him.  His escape was making slot cars in the garage. 

After we were engaged I got cold feet.  I suck at math and in college it was not getting any better.  So I got a tutor.  Welllll long story short, I screwed the tutor and failed math.  A few of my friends saw me with this girl and told Kristi.  This began our demise.  Shortly after she graduated I joined the Army.  College sucked and I needed to get the hell out of that town.  While in basic training I received a letter from my mother explaining that Kristi was dating one of my old friends.  Who is still one of my close friends.  I forgave him because I understood.  (Her Va JJ was a man eater and he fell in love).  When I took my first leave from the Army I came home 6’3” 220 lbs of solid rock.  I went to a party that night to see my friends Alex,  Wild Bill and Shawn Watkins (God rest your soul brother).  I was showing a young lady I had just met a demonstration of how beer taste better when it is drank off of a boob.  She walked in.  My old friend was scared and she was jealous so she left him.  Wow it sucks when it comes around to bite you in the ass. 

At that moment I had ceased to care in my life.  I gave up on God, my parents, responsibilities and pretty much anything else.  I sank into drugs, alcohol and gambling.  A few weeks later I was injured in a training exercise in the Army.  One year later I came home medically retired.  We were constantly on the rocks.  It seems like all we did was argue and make up and my habits got worse and she got crazier.  I was dating two or three girls at once and living with her. 

On New Years Eve we were just about done.  My best friend came home on leave from Maryland and it was time to party.  He wanted to go to my cousin’s house and so I told the crazy B adios.  I walked in to the party and saw this hot little number with liter of Parrot Bay Rum to her lips.  This was no casual drink; this girl was on a mission to get shit faced.  I looked at my BF and said that one is mine. 

I love you baby.  I have been clean now for over eight years.  Funny thing is at those moments in my life I never thought I was going to live this long and now with Cara my babies and God I can’t wait for the rest of my life.


Amy said...

Wow, those are incredibly sweet words there at the end. It really seems the two of you dodged a bullet by not marrying the people you were engaged to.

Beautiful story! Love it!

shortmama said...

Reading a guys side of a story is freakin hilarious! The line "I screwed her and sucked at math" had me cracking up!