Nov 9, 2010

Photographic Evidence and A Special Day

If you are just joining this saga, go back and read Love at First Dance? and The One That Wasn't Meant to Be - Cara.  Clint's wasn't meant to be story should be up any day now (as soon as he gets a chance to write it, he's pretty busy working and taking care of kids while I'm working all the time).

The other day, Clint read my version of events from our first meeting on the post Love at First Dance?

His comment..."You didn't look awkward and shaggy.  I wouldn't have asked you to dance if I didn't think you were cute."

And, just because I am stubborn and have to prove a point.  I searched out and found a photo of my self at the right age.  He has since changed his mind.

My photographic evidence (I got one of Clint too):

And, this day wouldn't be complete without saying a great big HAPPY BIRTHDAY! To my big 5 year old man.

Christian you surprise me everyday.  I love watching you grow and learn and experience new things.  I never would have imagined your interest would span so far.  From karate to dirt bikes, fishing to friends.  I enjoy the time we spend just you and me...even when some weeks its just when we are getting our shots together.

I think my favorite thing you have said recently, is that when you are a grown up, you are going to get dressed up and go to a wedding and invite Abigail (a very cute little girl in your preschool) and you are going to marry her and have 16 kids.  I will remind you of this someday.  And son, if you have 16 kids...mommy is not babysitting for you.


Evil Twin's Wife said...

Happy Birthday to him! What a cutie!

Salt said...

Happy birthday, Christian!
I love those old pics too. I think most of us go through an awkward stage...I know I sure did!

Amy said...

I LOVE the pictures!!! It's the perfect imagery to go with your stories:)

Happy 5th birthday to your little guy! 16 kids....he will laugh at that one day!

shortmama said...

Happy belated to Christian!