Nov 11, 2010

So We Meet Again

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After an extremely emotional start to my New Year's celebrating, I wanted nothing more than to wash away the year 2000 (and the past 3 years) with as much alcohol I could possible manage.  I did wait to start on my mission until I got to my cousin, LJ's party (yep, the same one Clint and I are related to) and had every intention of staying the night. Not long after I arrived so did another ex boyfriend of mine. Joe was the boyfriend I ran back to during my relationship with Bryan.  He happened to be dating another cousin of LJ (and Clint's - 3rd cousin, I think)  They have since married so, I'm technically now related to an ex-boyfriend.  All the more reason to get plastered as soon as possible.
I was well on my way with my bottle of Parrot Bay when Clint walked in the front door.  Teasing commenced on the 2-step debacle.  A challenge was issued and room was made to clear up the who was the better dancer.  The consensus:  He's a better 2-stepper, but I have skills.
A few drinks later Joe caught me in the kitchen and a "discussion" ensued about how since I cheated on Bryan with him, I must have also cheated on him.  That and the fact I had opportunity and didn't answer the phone every time he called me at night was enough proof.  He worked on an offshore oil rig and worked 2 weeks on, two weeks off.  I tried to explain his flawed logic since the at the time we were dating I was in high school, participated in debate and worked 32 hours a week.  I didn't have the time or energy to try to cheat on him.  It was Clint who came to my rescue and told him to back off.
The night wound down as New Year's typically does.  With a kiss at midnight.  Both Clint and I were on our own and it made sense that we would kiss, and make out, and wow!
Due to lots of people staying the night and lack of sleeping surfaces, Clint and I shared a queen size air mattress.  It was flat in the morning and you can make what ever inference from that you will.
The most amazing thing happened in the morning.  We had so many interest in common and tons to talk about.  He stayed at the house helping to clean while LJ and I ran to the store for stuff to make everyone breakfast.  While on the way there she filled me in on the fact that Clint had a girl friend that he lived with.
Ummmm, hello!  That would be something to disclose!  But I didn't say anything when we got back.  If anything I had a solid reason to not fall back into the same old pattern with Bryan.  I had burned the bridge.  FINALLY!  That night as we were all leaving to go home, Clint asked if he could call me.  I told him he could, then intentionally didn't give him my number.

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