Nov 12, 2010

Starting Over

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After all of the events that transpired over New Years, I was bound and determined to start anew.  No more staying in a relationship because it was familiar.  I went out on a first date for the first time in nearly 3 years and it felt good.  I hadn't not been in a relationship since my senior year of high school and I was less than 2 months from my 21st birthday.  I was embarking on finally taking my mother's advise and "sowing my wild oats".

Clint did finally talk LJ into giving him my phone number.  When he called he brought up the fact that I failed to give him my number himself.  I had to remind him that he failed to tell me he had a live in girlfriend.  He then filled me in on parts of their story (which is far more extensive than he shared here) and that the fact they were still living together was just a matter of her finding somewhere else to live.  If they had still been together they would have been at the same New Year's party.  He had a point, but I was still sceptical.  So, I would talk to him when he called, but there was no way I was jumping into the middle of that kind of mess.

That January, I spent a lot of time hanging out with LJ at her house and going out with large groups of friends.  Safety in numbers type of thing.  Then, Clint started showing up for these group outings.  I had a feeling LJ was helping Clint along behind the scenes, but I was having nothing of it (well, almost nothing).  One night - in January (yes, even in Texas it gets cold in January), he rode his motorcycle across Houston in 32 degree weather.  Everyone at the house went out to check out his bike and ohh and ahhh over how nuts he was.  I kept my happy ass right there inside where it was warm.  His attempt to impress had failed (I know I was being bitchy, but he kinda deserved it after New Years).

It was probably about the 3rd week in January when he finally broke down and officially asked me out on a date.  I've told that story in detail before and if you want to read it go here.  It was a great evening, if not a bit odd, but I felt truly embraced (literally) for who I was, not only Clint but also his friends.  I lost all mine in the was one of Bryan's provisions.

I think it was one weekend after that when Clint stayed the night with me at my apartment.  We were woken early in the morning by something hitting my window.  I lived on the 3rd floor!  Clint looked out the window and informed me some goofy asshole was throwing rocks at it.  Well shit!  The goofy asshole was Bryan and he definitely knew I had an overnight guest.  I went down stairs to see what he wanted.  He was livid and made some threats along the line of a video he had made of us together, that I was unaware of while it was being taped, would find its way to the Internet.  He didn't really have to worry about his part in the video since he made sure his face was never on the screen.  He left me to "think over" what he had said.

Clint was ready for a beat down, but allowed me to handle the situation.  Bryan called later and apologized and the video was destroyed as was anything that I had felt for him.  Kristi of course created her own type of havoc.  She had moved out at some point in January, so that was one issue out of the way.  Then an old friend of theirs died in a motorcycle accident and the funeral was on Valentine's Day.  She used their shared grief to get him to leave me at his apartment to go talk to her about their friend.  Once there, she professed her love and begged for him to take her back, blah, blah, blah.

I knew that night that our relationship was different when he came home, apologized and told me all about what had happened.  This was something new for me.  Honesty and complete disclosure.  Things were not going according to my single lady plan, but I didn't care anymore.

Then, in March, we came to a cross roads.  Clint was leaving in September to go to Motorcycle Mechanics Institute in Orlando.  I had 3 choices:  we break up and if we weren't seeing anyone when he got back, we could try again; we could try a long distance relationship and I would got out to see him when I could; or I could go with him.

I didn't hesitate.  I was going.


shortmama said...

So much drama at the beginning of your relationship!

Mamarazzi said...

agree with Shortmama...drama!!

i need to find some time to come back and read all of these so i can catch up.

Anonymous said...

Oh wow...I gotta back track and get the full scoop now!

ModernMom said...

Oh you are weaving a good story here! A real love story!