Aug 28, 2017

Harvey Thoughts

It has been more than 5 years since I have written here for public consumption, with the exception of trying to start over 3 years ago.

This storm has brought up a lot of feelings of inadequacy in the ability to help those who have been effected and continue to be so.

Clint has been active in the community by rescuing those stranded he could get to in the truck and by opening the bar to feed those who need it and first responders who don't have any choice but to be out in this mess.

I am so proud of everything he is able to bring to our community.  However, it has me feeling as if there is more that I can do.

So, I sit in my not flooded home and contemplate what I can do.  My doors are open to anyone who needs a place.  But is this where I can be of the most use?  Is the churches volunteer sign-up the place for me when I will return to my corporate job when the road are clear enough, when the majority of the clean up work will be happening?

Where can I be of the most use?

My thoughts are brought back to October of 1994 when I was a 14 year old high school freshman.  The situation was quite similar if not nearly as dire.  By the time my parents returned home from work, they couldn't drive into our neighborhood.  They had to walk to our house where we each loaded a laundry basket to carry back out.  Little did we expect, our lives would change forever.  The expected minor flooding ended up being 14 feet of water in our home.

It was a week before the water receded enough to clean up the devastation.  That was followed by looting of the belongings that were left in our home.

I remember staying the the homes of one of my closest friends for a few weeks while my parents tried to find an apartment that hadn't been flooded and wasn't already full from those escaping the damage.  I went to one of the local churches to find a few additional outfits to the ones that I took out with me.  It was a loss of self to not have my own belongings, but more so, to not have my own clothing.

In light of the current devastation, I can't bear the thought of children, my daughters age feeling the same things I was feeling.  I cannot prevent those feelings, but maybe, I can help someone feel a little bit more at ease in their own skin by having their own clothing, something that can bring comfort.  If nothing else, I can wash clothes for those who currently find themselves without the resources or time to do so.

It doesn't seem like it is a huge task, and it certainly isn't anything the parents trying to secure a safe location to reside for the family should be focused on.  So, please, let me help in some small way, that can make a giant impact.

Much love to you Houston, Cara

Sep 4, 2014

Life is Crazy!

So....It's been a while.  A long while.  A loooooooong looooooong while.  I don't know why I stop really.  It is cathartic for me to write.

Do you ever get on the phone with someone who you haven't seen in a while and they ask, "How have you been?" or "What have you been up to?"  Do you wonder if they really want to know, or if they are being polite?  Would they listen if you actually filled them in on your life?  Well, here is
What the Smith's have been up to lately.

Me: At work over the summer I was starting to feel underwhelmed at my job.  Then my boss left and my responsibilities increased and I was satisfied once again.  Now that I have gotten in the swing of new task I am starting to feel it again.  There are some opportunities available with my company that I am going to consider.  I'm just not sure that is the direction I want to go.

Clint and I went to Key West in August and had a blast riding scooters all over the island, snorkeling and being tourist.  We got some amazing photos and videos, but the camera, that DID make it home, is now missing.  Can you see my super sad face?

We have a few more trips planned for this fall (2 for Colorado and 1 for NOLA) that I am excited for.  I may actually ski this year.  If you know me, you know this could (and is very likely to) end badly for me.

Clint:  That man is so busy, I rarely see him these days.  He officially quit his day job in January, but was working for himself before then.  He opened a bar in Houston called Voodoo Queen with a few partners last fall. The Republic House in Pasadena, TX, his second step into the bar business opened its doors in late February.  An expansion to include more seating and a full kitchen are in the works.  I am immensely proud of all the hard work he has put into making these successful.

Angelique:  Where has the time gone?  My baby girl is in Jr High!

Leaky has been a busy bee (when was she not?).  Last fall she earned her Jr black belt in Shotokan karate after 5 years of hard work.  It was something she was incredibly committed to and wanted to grow up to teach.  Then her instructor quit.  Then she came back.  Then she took a leave of absence.  The upheaval had a lot of long time student leave right away, but Leaky stuck it out.  By summer she was done.  Her instructor, though back at the school was not as involved with leading her class and seemed less invested.  Angelique didn't want to commit her summer to 3-4 classes a week (meaning she would be home instead of visiting family) when the person she looked up to there didn't feel committed anymore.  

Today is the first day of tumbling classes for both kids.  It is something we were considering in conjunction with karate, but we like it as a stand alone also.  Angelique want to be a cheer leader when she gets to 8th grade and the gym we found coaches the cheer team for her school, so I think it will be a great fit.

Christian:  My loving outdoor boy.  He has probably had the most change for all of us.  

He also stopped doing karate in early summer.  He just didn't seem interested or focused on it anymore.  He is very excited about starting tumbling.  He talks non stop about how he is going to learn how to do a back tuck and back flip right away.  

Earlier this year we started seeing a counselor with Christian.  He has been assesses and tested highly for ADHD and anxiety disorder with a suspicion he may also have a form of OCD.  That is a big load for an 8 year old.  We have all had to learn new ways of communicating and coping skills for him.  Parenting and discipline have become a whole new ball game.  I have (and am still working on) not getting frustrated when he repeatedly does something he has been told about.  Apparently each new thing takes training and multiple mess ups before his brain will save the information.  We have had to adapt and one warning then expected consequence form of discipline.  The next step is for him to see a doctor and see if they recommend medication.  It is not a concept we are completely comfortable with at this time.  In addition, we have been warned that many psychiatrist will meet with you for 15 minutes, ask a few behavior questions, write a prescription and you will only meet with nurse practitioners after that. 

 Third grade should be an interesting environment to see how he does.  One of his teachers is a first year, and there are some concerns there.  His other was one of Angelique's teachers and has a child with ADHD, so we feel she may be better equipped to work with him.

That is the Gone Again Smith's in a nutshell.  Hopefully it won't be 2 years before I manage to get here again, but you never know.  Life is Crazy!

May 8, 2012

San Francisco

As the name of my blog suggest, we Smiths are not home much.  We like to get out and do.  And when we can we like to travel.  Back in February we got the opportunity to take a trip to San Francisco a week before my birthday (week before since one of my besties babies was born the day before my b-day).

It was a dual purpose trip.  Not only were we there for a mini vacay, we were also there to give our friends and my boss a chance to scout out the area some more and get a feel for where they want to live when they move out there this summer.  It is crazy to see the cost of living out there as compared to what we pay here on the Gulf.  The option is still open for my family to move out there also for my job, but with the exception of the days that I just feel the need to leave it all behind, I am happy with where i am at the moment.

For the trip we rented an amazing house in Walnut Creek that we found on HomeAway.  Sorry I didn't get any pictures, but we were too busy enjoying the spa on the 40 degree evenings.

I am surprised just how much we fit into 4 days (including travel days).  We ate at amazing places like Johnny Garlics in Dublin, Sushi Ran in Sausalito and Sailor Jack's in Benecia.

The first day we spent the morning in Muir Woods hiking through the Red Woods.  I could spend days at a time hiking, running and exploring in this place.  It was still pretty cool out during the day and the tree canopy kept it even cooler.  We even saw a woodpecker in action, but he wouldn't be still for the photo.  Someone please remind me in the future not to put all my stuff in a kangaroo pouch on my sweatshirt when I am trying to loose weight.

After our hike and lunch, we headed in to San Fran since we had no plans for the afternoon.  We walked around Pier 39, saw the Sea Lions, checked out the Rodney Lough, Jr Gallery where we fell in love with several of his photographs.  Went to eat dinner at an upscale restraunt, but after crappy appetizers and even crappier service decided a meal there wasn't worth it.  We headed back to the gallery and after a few hours of haggling and choosing framing options, purchased 2 prints:  Three Graces and Wilderness H2O.

The second morning started early, especially considering CA is 2 hours behind our normal time zone and I have an internal alarm for 6 am Texas time, and we stayed up till 2:30 CA time.  We took the long way around into San Francisco since the bridge that was close to us was closed going into the city and got there right on time for our Alcatraz tour.  I was really surprised by the gardens there and the fact that the dirt was brought in specifically for that purpose since the prison was built on a rock.  The tour was really informative and I enjoyed it a lot more than I thought I would wearing the little speaker set.  The only problem we had was the 4 of us never seemed to by synced up on the recordings.

The guys wanted to soap up and belly slide across the showers, something about reliving high school football memories.  The view of the San Francisco bridge was amazing.  What was really amazing to see was how strong the current was.  You could actually see the pull of the water fighting directions.  It gave real credence to the thought that though a few may have escaped, it was very unlikely they survived.

Back on the mainland we at crab and clam chowder from street vendors and took a twisted walk through the city in search of cool places to hang out and drink.  We had one rule to determine our direction.  We would continue our path until the crosswalk signs changed, and then we would change direction.  If we saw an interesting place, we would go in and have a glass of wine.  Our first stop was to a combo Indian restaurant/Irish Pub.  We sat in the pub and watched part of Kill Bill until our drinks were gone and it was time to move on.  We stopped in an old American decor wine bar, then walked through China town.  When we hit an unsavory area where a guy in the door way of a strip club asked my husband "Can I smoke your beard?", we turned around and made our way through the Italian part of town and stopped again to have some Italian wine.  We were almost back at the bay when we encountered a group of guys playing street hockey and rollerblading uphill.  We were in awe and agreed that would be impossible for any one of us to attempt.  We ended our days expedition and headed back to the house for yet more wine and more spa time.

Our final day we went to eat and drove by the office in Benecia before heading back to the airport and home to our kiddos.  I had an amazing trip and would love to visit again.  Still not certain I could live there though.

Apr 27, 2012

Time to Face It

I previously said that I would push myself to write the fluff in an effort to write something again when really there are bigger things on my mind.  I was full of crap.  Apparently, I cannot get past the louder noises in my head to write something light or fun.  So, I guess that means it's time to get some stuff off my chest so I can get back to the enjoyment of writing.  The most prominent topic on my mind at the moment is my biological mother, so I will start with that one.  I have mentioned her before here and here if you want to check them out.

I have seen my biological mother only a handful of times since I was 19 (most of which were mentioned in the linked post) and no contact in the 14 years prior.  I saw her once more after that occasion and actually spent most of two days in her company.  I finally was able to get to the point where, while I will never understand her actions, I forgave her for not being there while I was growing up.  Honestly, while it was still hard, I very likely was better off growing up without her influence.  I came to the point of forgiving her when I knew it was poisoning my life to hold onto all that animosity.  Over the course of the two years following those 2 visits, she called 3 more times to say she was coming to visit.  The first two of those I got my house cleaned up and cleared my schedule to accommodate her.  Both times resulted in a no show with a text message a few days later with an excuse.  The last one early last fall I didn't bother even picking up my house.  She didn't show up then either.  After much introspection and prayer, I have come to the conclusion that while I have forgiven her, I don't have to have a relationship with someone who brings up feelings of being not worthy of the time to keep a commitment to (or even calling prior to missing it).

I occasionally receive random texts from her (usually of the chain-mail variety), unless they are referring to how great her life has been because of know since she has spent so much time in it.  I typically ignore them unless they are general holiday sentiments in which I typically return the same.

  • Feb 17th: Hello daughter I know that your birthday is around the corner.  I will never forget the first when a beautiful precious girl came into my life.  Being your mom has always been a blessing.
  • Feb 24th: Happy Birthday You stole my heart the day you were born.  I have been blessed everyday since.  Even the days I mourned because we were separated.  The day you stepped off the plane in 1999 I felt the same elation as the day you were born 32 years ago.
  • April 8th: Happy Easter and God Bless
While I felt the birthday ones were off base, not really a big deal and I just shrugged it off and went on with my day.  No problem with the Easter text and all was good, until I got a phone message later in the day.  We were out on the boat so I didn't get the call directly.
  • The gist of it was Happy Easter, it's good to hear your voice even if it is in a message.  I know I'm not good at staying in touch, but I really do love you and Clint and the kids.  The guy I'm seeing and may marry (#6) we may be moving to Texas soon.  If it's meant to be it will happen.
I was with my best friend, who is also my boss' wife when I got the call.  My boss/friend and their family are moving to California this summer for at least 2 years and initially was thought we might go to, but we have too much tying us here since Dave passed away to go.  Her opinion is bio mom moving to Texas is just the thing to get my family to California with them.  Hmmm, tempting, but not likely.  Unfortunately, this does not end with this message.  Bio mom had requested to be my friend on Facebook months ago and I have ignored it (my profile is private).  I have way too many members of the family that raised me on there to subject them to the things she is likely to post, and I will not disrespect them in that way.  I am however "friends" with my half sisters step-mom.  She was around a lot before I was removed from bio mom's custody and it was a way to get in touch with a sister who was treated much the same way I was.

This was the message I got on Facebook Easter evening:
  • Cara Why is (sister's step mom) a friend and not me? That hurts, are you ashamed of me? Hate me? I do the best I can with what I have. I never put anyone down, I trust the Lord to lead me in life. I have prayed everyday that you and (sister) would be back in my life, I got tired of struggling to find a way to get you girls back. I was never going to have the amount of money that it was going to take, to get you girls back. You can ask anyone how broken my heart was and still is. I will continue to pray for God's guidance. I love you and never ever stopped.
I know I have to respond to this and put and end to her passive aggressive contacts.  I haven't yet because I can't stand confrontation.  Still I know it needs to be done and that I will never be able to maintain a peaceful relationship with her.  Her excuses keep changing and I don't think I can handle another one.  I grew up wishing that I had a mom that wanted me.  As an adult I realized I had one the whole time, but it wasn't the one that gave birth to me.  That one wants me now that there is no responsibility and regrets to be faced.

Apr 2, 2012


I used to love this space.  Love to write and pour out the details of my life that were either weighing on me or that I just wanted to share.  I never wanted to be too serious. What is life without humor?

I think that is why I have been avoiding writing for so long.  The things life has had for us in the past year and really before that have really added a heaviness to my thoughts.  I will have something fun or even exciting to write about and then talk myself out of it since it is so trivial in comparison.  It would be fluff.  Not even touching what I am truly feeling or experiencing.  I think I may have to just quit psyching myself out and write the fluff.  How else am I too get comfortable enough to write about the real stuff if I cannot even organize my thoughts on things I am enjoying or happy about?

I am not one to talk about my feelings, or what is bothering me (until I have a drink or two - then you can't shut me up).  Just ask my husband.  It drives him nuts.  I hear, "What's wrong" way too many times to count. Which drives me nuts.  He asked me yesterday if I had blogged recently.  I think he misses being able to come here and have insight into my convoluted brain.

I have found other outlets for my stress, anxiety and unease.  I started seeing a personal trainer in January, because really, I needed a kick in the ass to get myself focused on my health again.  But I found the intense sessions twice a week (except for most of the month of February when everyone in my house took turns being sick or injured) really made me feel more relaxed.  I have also recently started running again.  People look at me strange when I say I enjoy it.  I am also in that boat when I am groaning Sunday morning at myself to get out of bed and put on my running shoes.  I have shin splints and sore muscles.  But there is something about letting go and just feeling the rhythm of feet pounding on pavement that makes you feel free.  Free from the negativity that we feed our own minds about our abilities, or bodies, or place in life.

To be completely honest, I suck at running.  But, I am getting better.  It may also be the reason I feel compelled to write again.  I now have the time or organize those thoughts that have been too jumbled to make sense of.  My new go to method of release is returning me to this one.

I am excited!

Mar 30, 2012

Music for my Mood

I love music.

My iTunes library should prove that.  It is full of a completely random collection of genres and songs that one would never think could never belong on one person's collection.  It includes alternative, Celtic, Christian and Gospel, Latin, Classic Rock, Classical, Electronic, Rap, Oldies, Texas/Red Dirt and many others inbetween.

I often choose my music based on the mood I am currently in.  Even with all my options, I have days I can't place that mood and don't turn it on at all.  I can definitely feel that something is missing on those days. 

I have been feeling a bit melancholy lately.  That coupled with my father in law being in the forefront of my thoughts recently through life events (his partner's retirement party, one of my team member's mother passing from cancer, and finally getting the electrical polls run to the house he was building that will now be ours) I decided to listen to his playlist this morning.

We created this playlist before he passed.  When at the end of August he decided he was done fighting, my husband and our best friends went through our collections and put together a list of the songs that would bring him to life in our hearts when we heard it.  Dave even had some request for the list.  We used songs from this list when we created the slide show for his memorial service two months later.

This is what is making me smile through my mood this morning:

Cowboys and Sailor - Roger Creager
Going Up the Country - Canned Heat
Lavender Blue - Sammy Turner
In The Air Tonight - Phil Collins
London Homesick Blues - Jerry Jeff Walker
I'm Alright - Kenny Loggins
Never Alone - Barlow Girl
Even If It Breaks Your Heart - Will Hodge
Come Away With Me - Norah Jones
Angel Flying Too Close to the Ground - Willie Nelson
Down to the River to Pray - Alison Kraus
Oh Yeah - Yello
Quarter to Three - Gary U.S. Bonds
A Pirate Looks at Forty - Jimmy Buffett
Prodigal Son's Prayer - Dierks Bently
Sittin' On the Dock of the Bay - Otis Redding
Texas Flood - Stevie Ray Vaughan
Unchained Melody - Righteous Brothers
Where the Boat Leave From - Zac Brown Band
Word of God Speak - Mercy Me

Mar 13, 2012

Bucket List

The last year or so has held a lot of lessons for me and my family.  Sometimes it seemed too many to take at once.  The most important of them all though was to embrace life and those you love while you have time.  My husband often says, "I don't want to look back at the end of my life and say, I was able to put a lot of money in the bank.  I want to say I had a f*&%ing blast!"  There are so many things that I want to do (or start doing again).  The things that tug at my heart when I think about them.  I think a bucket list is a living thing.  It changes as life progresses and priorities change.  But for now, these are the things on mine.

Bring my blog back to life
Run a half marathon

If that is successful - run a marathon

See the Northern Lights

Hiking in the Grand Canyon

Reunite with siblings raised by different parents

Go on a mission trip

Read the Bible

Start drawing again

Start sewing again

Make a Thanksgiving Dinner

Get a tattoo

New Years Eve in Times Square for Angelique's birthday

Learn to take good pictures

Finish College

Live on a boat

Do some stuff I have pinned on Pinterest

Take a spontaneous trip (I am a planner)

Watch my children fall in love

Watch my husband cry when he gives our daughter away

Hold my grandchildren