Aug 31, 2009

Calm after the storm

Ah, the 80's.  I am listening to my itunes not knowing what to post in a follow up to the bio mom visit.  Then "Wild Thing" by Tone Loc came on and I couldn't help but smile.  Most of my 80's stuff is limited to hair bands, but I get the occasional song that doesn't seem to fit me at all, but I love all the same.

N-E-ways.  The visit yesterday went ok.  I did my best to keep the focus on the kids, and my dear, dear hubs is awesome at keeping up conversation.  I had a few moments that I stood up and said "Bitch, please!" - alright you caught me, I didn't really, but I wanted to.  One of those was when she was talking about my youngest sister (in her senior year of HS) not getting along with her stepmom and sisters, "just like you".  Yeah, we had our issues when I was growing up, but she is the closest thing I have to a parent, so don't go there.  The other issue came up when she was talking to the kids and finding out what they like.  Oh, just like your mom.  Hello, how the hell would you know.  I was only a year older than my youngest when she was out of the picture. 

Luckily, I had a training session at the church to attend so I was able to step out for a few hours, and talk to a good friend about how it was going and how I was dealing with it.  She pointed out something I hadn't realized.  If I really had forgiven her, her presence would not have this huge of an effect on me.  Her example was maHvelous.  Think of an ex... yeah they did things that really sucked (maybe like cheated), but you've forgiven and moved on.  Now if I saw that individual today with or without someone else it wouldn't bother me one bit.  That is where I need to get with bio mom.

She was still at the house when I returned, but getting ready to leave.  I felt a little more at ease with the situation by this time.  She hugged me good bye and said she loved me.  I was not exactly comfortable reciprocating as I really don't know this person, other than she is the one who pushed me into the world.

Wee, "Welcome to the Jungle"  thanks Axl Rose for giving us this beaut before going bat shit crazy!

Aug 30, 2009

My Childhood Re-Visited

Usually I sit down at my computer and cannot figure out what I should blog about. My mind just draws a complete blank.  I know you're right there with me (come on admit it - alright, alright it's just me).  No, tonight at nearly midnight on a Saturday night - yes I lead a sad life as a responsible parent (of children who are still awake I must say) I have so much on my mind it is difficult to figure out where to start.  So I will try to do the abrieviated version of the back story and what has my hair on the back of my neck at full attention.

I was essentially raised by my step mom who my dad met when I was in kindergarten and married when I was in the 3rd grade.  You see my egg donor real mother had some issues  (i.e. I was born during her senior year in high school and she had livin' left to do) and she and my father divorced when I was still a baby.  As is typical in these situations the mom got custody.  However, through the reports to and investigations of CPS, I was returned to my father before my 5th birthday.  Dad was a better parent when he was sober enough to know what was going on in my life.  So, the most of my up-bringing was left to my father's second wife and the woman I still call Mom despite no longer being married to my father (we didn't get along quite so well when I was young). 

After my 19th birthday (did I mention there was no contact whatsoever between the almost 5 and 19?)   I met the bio mom and got to ask my questions.  The answers to my qestions of "WHY" didn't exactly satisfy me (My husband wouldn't let me being the answers I got).  But I forgave (or did my best to - I mean really I am of Italian and Scandinavian heritage. Do you really think the mafia connected vikings were really good at forgiveness?) her.  I invited her to my wedding 3 years later, which my Mom did not attend because she was there.  Now this whole event still is a point of my friends mocking me over.  Bio mom is known amongst my frineds as "Cape Lady"... can you guess why?  Could it possibly be because she wore a cape to my wedding?  No, I am not shitting you...this is fact.  I saw her one more time after that just after I found out I was pregnant with my second child.  During this visit she stayed at my house (that I had just moved into 2 months prior) with her new husband (5th) and my 3 youngest siblings (that I had met once prior to that time).  When they left after staying for 3 days I found that their dog had done a really messy type dog mess (it shit on my carpet) this would not have been a huge deal because I have 2 dogs, and I know what dogs do, but they didn't clean it up.  In my 2 year old daughters room!  The other thing is the major deal-y-O...someone must have had thier girly time in my daughters new bed, and did not clean it up, they in fact threw the blanket over it for me to find at a later time when I got to changing sheets.  Can we see why I just might be slightly bitter?

I hadn't spoken to her in nearly 4-1/2 years (even through hurricane ike) until she called the day following the huge jelly fish fiasco.  Can we say lack of sleep led me to answer the phone without looking at the caller ID.  She had a few weeks between jobs *resets for Wal-Mart (this is where they re-design the store where the regular patrons can't find shit), and she wanted to come for a visit and meet her grandson.  Well, being the good, decent, okay I try to  be a good Christian, decided all the messages about forgiveness must me directed towards me decided now was the time.  Fate has stepped in.   The day is tomorrow and I am feeling extremely anxious about the whole thing right about now.  I'd really rather call it off, but I know I need to follow through with my decision to either prove myself wrong, or determine if I really do need to find a therapist who knows more than "just blame your parents", and can actually help someone get through their issues.

Wow...way to serious for me, cross your fingers, toes, and anything else you can physically make cross (if there is anything else, you'll have to fill me in later).    Need all the support I can get here.  Say it with me now..."NO MORE DOWNER POST, NO MORE DOWNER POST"  I promise only happy thoughts (unless tomorrow goes really badly). 

Oh...I've lost my spell check so deal with the fact that I suck at english! 

Hubs just asked what I was doing...when I told him blogging his repsonse was "what, about your crotch crickets", thanks "Mommy Wants Vodka" for giving me something to laugh about with him that he would so screw up later!

Aug 28, 2009

School is KILLING ME!

Well, not literally killing me. I think this whole back to school thing is sucking more for me right now than Leaky (for those not in the know this is what we call Angelique at home - sure to lead to embarrassment down the road, but she is ok with it for now). I have so much damn paperwork to fill out, not to mention digging through the piles (that may actually be taller than my 5'8" self) on my desk to try to find a current utility bill, shot records, birth certificate, and ss card. Oh yes, did I forget to mention the hubs has been working out of town for the majority of this week. Just little ol' me and the monsters. Lets just say our meals have been just shy of the healthy variety (okay..a lot, a lot unhealthy).

Leaky and I had the first big morning battle of the wills of the school year (and it only waited until the 2nd day). You see, I - in my opinion (and most of the people who know her) - have have one of the most strong willed and particular children. She does not wear clothes that...
  1. have bows or ties
  2. have zippers
  3. have buttons
  4. have gathers
  5. have shorts built into skirts (this one is getting better)
  6. anything else that she cannot put on completely by herself
She also wears no shoes that completely encase her feet. Mommy needs to buy stock in ballet type slip-ons and flip-flops (the former not being allowed at school). For the afore mentioned reasons this child is required to lay out her clothing the night before.

Wednesday morning she started to get dressed (put on the cute pullover cotton dress that meets all of her clothing requirements) then disappeared. As it is getting closer to time to leave I start looking around to find her in her room, un-dressed pulling tags off a skirt and t-shirt. At this point she has yet to brush her teeth and hair, and I am ready to go. She gets the clothes on and starts crying. The shirt is too long (she thought is was perfect when she tried in on and was dancing in front of her grandparents to get them to buy it for her). Tucked, un-tucked, nothing was right. I finally yelled at her to get her hair and teeth brushed or I might just call daddy. For her this is one of the worst things I can do. More water works, which ensures my annoyance because there is nothing wrong with her. I finally went and found another (older) pink shirt in her closet, which in her opinion didn't match with the pink in her skirt. This earned her the look. You know the one, the "Does it look like I give a purple rats ass?" look. She put it on a sulked all the way through dropping her brother off then till she got out of the truck at her school. (By the way...since when does a school keep the doors locked until 7:45 when some kids have to eat breakfast in the cafeteria before being in class at 8:00? Not mine - she won't eat school food, but I'm just sayin')

This also happens to be the first week of karate, so I have to go to two different places to pick up kiddos (which means Monkey Bob (Christian) isn't getting picked up as early as he is used to.

Angelique lost one of her teeth yesterday at school and all the damn tooth fairy had in her wallet this morning was a $5 and a $50. Naturally she got the $5. I was a little perturbed with myself when I found a free floating $1 in my purse at lunch time. So is life!

Aug 27, 2009

1st Day 1st Grade

Okay, so everyone who knows me knows that I am never going to win awards for my parenting skills, but I do try (sometimes) to do right by my kids. Angelique has never been a morning or breakfast kid. Our routine usually consists of getting the kids out of bed an hour before we have to leave in the morning, for them to doze off in front of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse until its time to get dressed and run out the door. For the 1st day of school I got up about half an hour before waking the kiddos to get myself ready. I got my little monsters out of bed and into their respective placed on the couch while I made lunches and special oatmeal for breakfast (is it still healthy when its loaded with sugar?).
Determined not to be running out the door this morning, I get Ang moving to get dressed just before 7. As promised the night before, she let me fix her hair, "but only on the first day mom". It was so sweet. Little miss I can do everything myself since 18 months old, let mommy fix her hair. I think I almost cried. Now to get my daughters hair to lay down, I actually need to use a flat iron and products. She has super thin and easily frizzy hair. I almost wish I had a before picture. I might take one tomorrow morning. So with teeth brushed, hair done, and lunch made we were ready to go (hubs was in charge of getting Christian to school this morning).

This is my spot that I got to pick!

It was so sweet to see her with her friends she had hardly seen over the summer. I can tell you she was definitely excited to be back at school. She did however refuse to do the hubs family traditional running first day of school pic that she did in Kindergarten.

Getting ready to go to class

First Day last year...running pic

On a completely different subject...we bought the truck today too.

Whirlwinds and Whirlpools - Sunday/Monday

Sunday morning had me driving up the the camp store because, honestly, percolated coffee sucks A! We let the kids sleep in a little while we got started on breakfast. To make meals easy we purchased a collapsible portable Coleman grill a few years ago. No I am not talking about one of those table top jobs with the little green propane cylinders that are ridiculously priced. This is a full size grill. We have a skillet specifically for camping and used it to fry up some bacon and an egg for Ang. I only eat scrambled, she only eats fried. No, no we cannot make our lives easy and have one of us compromise (because it would have to be me). Then we make the scrambled for the rest of us.

After we were all well fed we got into our swim suits (except hubs who slept in his) and headed off for another day of one of our favorite things. I am talking about the Bahn, people. The original Schlitter Bahn...the best, most awesome water park ever! It is so awesome just the one park is split into 3! 2 right next to each other and the 3rd a small tram ride away. Other than a little whining about the water being cold we all had a great time (and didn't have to spend an outrageous amount of money on food...because they let you bring your own in!). We tried really hard to keep Christian awake on the way back to camp, but that was a loosing battle after 8 hours in water park heaven. He was actually eating chips when he fell asleep and would occasionally eat another one with his eyes closed when we tried to wake him up.

Chili Dogs, Frito Pie and occupying the kids with movies on the battery operated DVD player (have I mentioned how much I love technology) was on the agenda for the evening. Of course with only one battery charged the kids had to fight over what movie to watch. Finally Daddy overruled and got his pick of Kung Fu Panda. Yes, he's also one of my children at times.

Monday morning had us repeating our Sunday breakfast routine while simultaneously packing up camp. We stopped at the San Marcos outlets for some shopping before heading home. For anyone who doesn't know, my dear hubs has driving narcolepsy. He starts to drift off while driving (I seriously don't know how he does a job where he drives almost all day). So, for the safety of my family I took over driving. Of course then hubs is wide awake so he resumes his search for our new vehicle using the browser on my phone. He found one that looked to good to be true, but wanted to see. It was out of the way, but still, if it was as great as it said, it couldn't be passed up. When we got to the house, the owners of the vehicle were not there yet, so I took the kids for a walk in the neighborhood. When the owners arrived, we got to look at the truck and I fell in love. It wasn't the color we had in mind (its called copper), but everything else was perfect. It was a 2007 Ford Excursion EL with less than 26,000 miles on it! We let them know we would check with our bank the next morning about loan value, and be in touch. We were both certain we had found our new truck.

Finally home at almost 8:30 it was time to feed the kids, bathe them and get them to bed. Tomorrow was going to be a busy day. Summer is officially over!

Aug 26, 2009

Whirlwinds and Whirlpools - Saturday

Day 2 of our last chance adventure began with a craptastic filling continental breakfast in the hotel lobby around 9 am. Of course getting Angelique up to eat was about the most terrible thing in the world we could possible do to her. You know that look...the "Why do you have to be so mean to me?" look. Going to down to the lobby meant going by the pool - and all requisite whining about being able to go swimming. I had finally had enough of all of that and showed them what the pool looked like. It had no water in it and had tools laying everywhere. And what do you know, Christian still wanted to go.

About an hour later, we managed to get checked out of the hotel and on the road to the river. On the way we drove past San Marcos - home of Texas State University. Clint happened to throw into conversation with the kids that if they would just go to college there we would buy them a house to live in (the only catch being mommy and daddy could come stay whenever we wanted). Ah...another mortgage on top of tuition, but we have at least 10 years before we have to actually start thinking about it seriously (12 till we have to do anything).

Now, the Comal River is not nearly as inundated with toob rental places as the Guadalupe, but it still has its fair share. We decided on Rockin' R as it is a rental place we are both familiar with and it had parking available. After completing the transaction for the rental, we were bussed (with several others) across the street to a park the river runs through. Yes we could have walked that distance, but we had 4 toobs - that I was not exactly confident the kids could or would carry - and a floating cooler. We tried to prepare the kids for the cold water (usually maintains a 52 degree temperature), but they were still quite shocked when we got them in their toobs. 3 hours, 4 toob shoots, and a few small rapids later we had two brand new river rats on our hands. They loved it!

When we got off the river it was pretty close to time to check into our campsite, but be decided to stop for a bite to eat first. I love going to BBQ places where you can buy meat by the 1/2 pound. We were able to have left overs for sandwiches later. After filling our bellies, we checked into the camp and started getting setup. Not very fun in the hottest part of the day, let me tell you. I had some trouble with my side of the tent poles. Hubs got his side braced and told me to hold my side a certain way so it wouldn't fall. "Like that" is what I heard as the tent came down because, obviously what I was doing did not work. I took it personally and dropped the pole that I was ineffectively holding in my had and stormed off (I have just an ever so slightly excitable temper). We had ourselves a nice little argument as we finished setting up camp, and then got over it. We were on vacation!

Time for Historic Gruene - who's town motto is "Gently resisting change since 1872". While there we visited some of our favorite places..."The Grapevine" (couldn't stay in there for long...too much glass), "Gruene General Store" - this place is lots of fun (including free fudge samples), and "Lone Star Music" (yes there are a few stores around that just sell music). Gristmill here we come. Known for its chicken fried steak - this place is a Texas staple. We however skipped this old fashioned meal this time (as we were still not extremely hungry after our big lunch). Hubs had the beef medallion salad and I had the grilled chicken spinach salad (and these are no girly salads...neither of us could even finish it). Angelique had fries and Christian had grilled cheese. Yes, I know, I should be voted mother of the year for feeding my children balanced and nutritious meals. For this trip we skipped Gruene Hall - the oldest dance hall in Texas. It is best avoided (in my opinion) in the summer months as there is no a/c. In fact on our last girls trip (over 2 years ago now) we went to a concert there in May. I think we were all sick from dehydration by the end of the night.

Back at the campsite the kids want to go swimming. So we walk down to the river and let them play for a little while. We realize we have forgotten several things we should have brought (and would have if I hadn't been under the weather during the week and forgot my list). The kids want to roast marshmallows, we don't have any coffee (and a few other things I can't think of right now). So as the sun is going down, hubs leaves to go to the store and the kiddos and I go in the tent. For the next 45 minutes, they squeal and hid every time they see headlights going down the road. I just lay there on my air mattress looking through the mesh top of our tent looking at the darkening sky (I know sounds like great fun, but it was enjoyable). We had our little marshmallow roast, hubs and I drank a beer then off to bed. We had another busy day in store for tomorrow.

Aug 25, 2009

Whirlwinds and Whirlpools - Friday

Wow, what a busy weekend.

I'm gonna have to split this into for each day from this past weekend, otherwise it would be waaaayyy too long (I don't know if even I would have the patience to read it all).

At the beginning of the month my husbands company asked everyone to try to take some of their available vacation time by the end of the month, due to this being their slow time of the year. We discussed it some and decided we would take a trip with the kiddos on the last weekend before Angelique started back to school. Unfortunately, everyone else had already taken off the Thursday and Friday we wanted to take our little trip on. Fortunately, our school district is one of the only ones not going back to school until Tuesday (today). So we made our plans and I took off Monday also (I do not get vacation). We decided to go to one of our favorite place in the world. New Braunfels, Texas - hill country baby!

Our plan had us taking off work about an hour early on Friday and heading our happy selves out of town. Uh oh... I said plan.. you know what that means. Not gonna happen! As the fates would have it Angelique's meet the teacher night was scheduled for Friday afternoon starting at 4. So we adjusted my schedule (yes just my as I am the only one who obsesses over doing things on a schedule), picked up the kiddos and headed over to meet the teach. Nana and Papa (grandparents) met us at the school. It was a little daunting trying to explore a brand new school along with hundreds of other parents and students, but all went well. Angelique liked her new teacher and even though she didn't get any of her good friends in her class, there is going to be a girl in the class that she knows from Lighthouse.

We leave the school just after 5 with grandparents in tow. The skies look ominious, but the weather appears to still be a little ways off. Back to the house (around the corner from the school) to load all our gear into our borrowed truck (we sold ours last week - Thanks again to Nana & Papa) just in time for the rain to start. Meaning our suitcases and bedding all had to ride inside with us. Talk about riding in cramped quarters. We stopped for dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings on the way out of town (yum). The rain slacked off about an hour into the drive, but the lightning storm stayed with us for the full 3+ hours. And I cannot tell you how thankful I am to the people over at Audiovox who made our portable DVD players that keep my kids occupied in the vehicle on long trips. You may never know how much of my limited sanity is still intact thanks to you.

We made it to the hotel around 11 only to have Christian whine about not getting to go to the pool (which who renovates a hotel pool in the middle of the summer) and that we were not camping yet! Hello...can we say lightning storm (not to mention I have no intention of setting up a tent in the middle of the night with two kids running crazy)! Not that my 3 year old understands logic or anything.

Aug 19, 2009

MIGRAINE laughter Update

I am feeling a bit better today than yesterday. Maybe starting the day with a good breakfast and 3 Advil hasn't hurt. By the time I got home from work and picking up the kiddos yesterday, my head and neck were screaming at me (in addition to the sinus pressure). I had already gotten a call from the hubs before leaving work that he had a last minute meeting at the office and needed to pick up parts for an out of town job for today. It was raining so at least the kids couldn't pester me about going out to ride bikes (or so I thought). I turned the TV on to Phineas and Ferb (the kids fav tv show) and eased myself down on the couch and pulled the blanket over my head.

After 20 minutes of the kids screaming and feeling like my head was going to explode I get a text message that the meeting is running late and hubs will let me know when he is on his way home. Did I mention his office is over an hour from our house? At this point I decide I am ordering pizza for dinner because I am not cooking and definitely not going anywhere. All the kids have to do for me is pick up the living room (hey pizza is a treat).

At this point I realize the kitchen is in bad shape. We had had family dinner at in-laws on Monday and while Clint had put up the pasta Sunday night - none of the pots and pans even got rinsed. So I start washing - I know in the back of my mind I am putting off the worst for last. Sunday evening we had a breakfast themed dinner with our group. We made biscuits with gravy and turkey sausage. The biscuits were gone when we came home. The gravy was not. The gravy was still in the sauce pan with the lid on. As I am washing other dishes I am thinking to myself..."I could just throw it away", but then cheap me steps in (and I am), "Just suck it up whiney and wash it. You use this all the time and you will just have to buy another one" The odor of the THING that had replaced the gravy was enough to make a person with the beginnings of an ugly migraine starting to rear its head pass out. Luckily, I managed to stay upright at the sink and ran the disposal as quickly as possible.

Just before the arrival of the pizza I get a phone call from the hubs saying I'm on my way home, but I forgot my parts so I have to go back to the office and get them. I seriously wanted to cry. But the pizza man was coming and I couldn't let him see me that way. It might ruin his delivery career to have a crazed lady crying hysterically when he just want to deliver the pizza. He arrives just barely in time to miss a breakdown. The kids cheer and Christian comes to greet the pizza man in his underwear. Poor guy probably is going to turn in his resignation today.

The kids get fed and I go back to hiding under my blanket. Until..."uh, mom...I kinda spilled some kool-aid in the kitchen". I have to admit this time was better than the RED kool-aid (don't make me feel like a terrible mom for not giving them organic juice least its sugar free) spill. I still had to clean under the microwave, bread box and knife block, and some on the floor too. At least it didn't make it to my newly washed still drying dishes.

Finally Clint made it home, stuffed me full of Advil (which does absolutely nothing for a migraine - by which time was full on) and took over in the kid department. I got up (and nearly right back down) to bathe and go to bed. As I make my way into the bathroom I notice one of our two bright and talented children have been playing with tampons. There are wrappers on the floor and empty applicators in the box. Hubs assumes it was Christian because they could be used as drum sticks. Done with my shower and going to bed I have Christian come tuck mommy in (usually works the other way around), because he is my sweet little boy. I asked him if he had been playing in the bathroom - he had. So I asked if he knew what he was playing with was for. "Mommy, they're for butt cracks" I almost died laughing - literally - I'd like to see you laughing with a migraine - not fun stuff. But, I couldn't help myself. I managed to compose myself enough to make sure he knew they were not for Bubba butt cracks - for which he looks at me funny and says "I KNOW".

Later when Hubs comes in to kiss me good night he asks me how he knows the things are for "butt cracks". I don't know...I assume it is from the enemy not following the terms of the Privacy Act of 2003 - which I now am thinking I should probably have had them sign at birth so I can hang it on the bathroom wall and point to whenever either of them burst into the bathroom when I am the occupant. I really should implement some of my grand ideas as house rules.

Small update...turns out Christian did not gain his knowledge from bursting in on me during my private time...a la potty time. Angelique had found him playing with them earlier in the evening and told him they were for butt cracks. Although Ang did gain some of her knowledge of these things by ignoring privace statutes.

Why do they never bust in on the hubs. Why am I the one who has no privacy...EVER

Aug 18, 2009

my brain is playing scattergories

There are so many things floating around in my head that I want to blog about, but right now I can't seem to focus on any. I start outlining what I want to say on one subject when my mind starts wandering to another. It is doing it even as I type my excuse for not creating a real blog. The fact that I have a summer cold (and it feels like my facial features are becoming skewed just from the pressure in my sinuses) may have something to do with my in ability to focus. Here are some of the subjects floating around in the dark recesses of my imagination.
  1. Freedom of Speech - wonderful yes, but definitely has its pitfalls when children watching cartoons hear "Why does God get to make all the rules...what makes Him so special?"
  2. Bio Mom - coming for a visit (haven't seen or talked to in 4 years)
  3. Grandmama Jones - my most favorite person ever...still miss her so much!
  4. Sewing Projects - To Do and Have Done (yes I know, I'm a dork)
  5. Anti-supermom living in a world of Supermoms
  6. 80's Child - Oh yeah...that's right...Hairbands and high tops.

So does anyone have any requests? Maybe having someone expecting something from me will keep me focused. It would be like having a deadline at work. Nope...can't zone out...gotta get this done. So and so is expecting this by the end of the day.

Enough of my rambling...time for work.

Aug 14, 2009

Lightening My Mood

My friend Ryan Posted this on Facebook and I figured it would be a good way to lighten my mood after the previous post and related incident.

1. You can ONLY answer Yes or No.

2. You are NOT ALLOWED to explain ANYTHING unless someone messages or comments you and asks. -- and believe me, the temptation to explain some of these will be overwhelming nothing is exactly as it seems.

Now, here's what you're supposed to do. . . Ask and questions that my come up from my responses...Copy and paste this into your notes (or blog), delete my answers, type in your answers and let me know you reposted so I can check out what you had to sayQ
Whooo hoo this is FUN!!
------- ------- ------- ------- ------- -------
Been arrested? NO
Kissed someone you didn't like? YES
Slept in until 5 PM? YES
Ran a red light? YES
Been suspended from school? NO
Experienced love at first sight? YES
Totaled your car in an accident? NO
Been fired from a job? NO
Fired somebody? YES
Sang karaoke? YES
Pointed a gun at someone? NO
Done something you told yourself you wouldn't? YES
Caught a snowflake on your tongue? YES
Kissed in the rain? YES
Had a close brush with death (your own)? NO
Seen someone die? NO
Played spin-the-bottle? YES
Smoked a cigar? YES
Sat on a rooftop? YES
Smuggled something into another country? NO
Been pushed into a pool with all your clothes on? YES
Broken a bone? NO
Skipped school? YES
Eaten a bug? YES
Sleepwalked? NO
Walked on a moonlit beach? YES
Rode a motorcycle? YES
Dumped someone? YES
Lied to avoid a ticket? YES
Ridden in a helicopter? NO
Shaved your head? NO
Made your boyfriend/girlfriend cry? YES
Eaten snake? YES
Marched/Protested? NO
Had Mexican jumping beans for pets? NO
Puked on amusement ride? NO
Seriously & intentionally boycotted something? YES
Been in a band? NO
Been on TV? NO
Shot a gun? YES
Skinny-dipped? YES
Gave someone stitches? NO
Ridden a surfboard? NO
Drank straight from a liquor bottle? YES
Had surgery? YES
Streaked? YES
Taken by ambulance to hospital? NO
Passed out when not drinking? NO
Peed on a bush? YES
Donated Blood? YES
Grabbed electric fence? NO
Eaten alligator meat? YES
Killed an animal when not hunting? NO
Peed your pants in public? YES
Snuck into a movie without paying? YES
Written graffiti? NO
Been in handcuffs? NO
Believe in love? YES
Sleep on a certain side of the bed? YES

Looking forward to reading everyones answers and to see what you have questions about! C

What Do I Do Now?

I have just experienced one of my most dreaded parenthood moments. I honestly didn't expect to hear this phrase for at least 7 more years and hoped for more time. But no, the words any parent would cringe hearing from their child at any age have come from my 3 year olds mouth.


I remember the feeling during teenage angst. I have no doubt that the statement didn't have the rebellion I was feeling during my pubescent years behind it as my son uttered those three little words. Clint had ventured out to his truck to grab his computer and denied Christian his request to come with him (damn smoker)! And NO! the kids have no idea.

Of course I freaked out. I tried not to let him see just how much his little phrase had bothered me. I sat down on the floor to be at his level and made him tell me exactly what he had said to make sure I had understood him correctly. At first he avoided looking at me, but I finally got him to tell me he had indeed said he hated himself. Next was prying out of him where he would have ever heard such a thing. I knew it was from daycare (I know I'm a terrible mother for working and providing for my children), I wanted to know more... was he having more interaction with the older kids than he should have, was he over hearing teacher conversations, or was something else going on.

It turned out the one child is his 3 year old class who Christian has a problem with on a semi-regular basis (refuses to play with, argues with and in general just does not get along with) is the one that Christian heard this from.

This whole situation freaked me out more the the normal person might not have been nearly as concerned about. The reason behind this is a family history of depression and addiction. I try to stay very vigilant in my own life knowing that I'm pre-disposed to feeling down being more than just feeling a little blue. Sometimes it even requires hubs to pull me out of my funk to even realize how far down I am letting myself get. I have always been so very concerned about myself falling into the same holes others in my family have found themselves buried in that I never even considered the possibility that my children might exhibit any of these behaviors. Unfortunately this child at the school has opened this door in my head that will have me worrying for the rest of my life.

Monday will hold new challenges as to what kind of discussion will happen between us and the school operators as well as Christian's teachers. I really don't feel comfortable having either of my children around this kind of negative comments...even if it is just coming from a 3 year old. I think we may have to change schools, which is something I had not planned on doing until he started kindergarten when we would start him in the same after school karate program Ang in starting this year. I am torn.

Aug 13, 2009

Stripping for the Neighbors

I don't know if anyone else in the world has ever been bothered by the oh so obvious (in my opinion) design flaw many houses have - including mine - that have the washer and dryer in the garage. Now, many thanks to the designer of my house, I have one of those curved drive ways so my garage is mostly facing just one neighbors driveway, and I have the additional protection of a small wall in front of my laundry station. I have seen many that are just right there next to the garage door facing the street. I could just see my self in an inappropriate state of dress, doing laundry in the garage and having hubs pull into the driveway and hitting the garage remote. Yikes!

The problem I have is that as I do laundry, I often times determine that what I am wearing that evening falls into the category of what I am washing at that moment. So what do I do. I take it off in the garage - usually without bothering to peek around the corner to see if the garage door is actually open or not. Then scurry through my kitchen, dining room and living room before reaching the safety of my bedroom to find a suitable replacement or pajamas. The other scenario is being in my pj's all morning Saturday morning while working on the laundry - why get dressed until after the chores are done and I get my shower. I don't want to have extra clothes to wash cause they got funky while I was cleaning the bathroom. Anyway, I will sometimes not realize hubs opened the garage door while looking for something and there I am in shorty shorts and worn out tee putting on a show bent over in front of my dryer.

I understand the reasoning behind the practice of setting up the washer and dryer outside of the house - both to save interior space and to keep the heat of the dryer out. However, one thing I will look for in our next home is that the laundry be inside the house and preferably somewhere in the vicinity of my room.

Aug 12, 2009

I'm NOT Nagging for my Health

Last night in conversation the hubs asked me..."how am I going to get all of my projects done" My reply of course was "focus on one at a time" meaning we have to stay home and work on these things and save money to pay for these things. It looks like the Gone Again Smith's will be home bound for a while - or maybe not...he also brought up going back to Vegas last night.
The one project Clint is most concerned about is the jeep. Yes, this is one of those have to do before we can sell the house, and one I really do want completed (after the kids ripped out bathroom is done). I even bribed him and said he couldn't buy another motorcycle until the jeep was fixed (this could be the reason he is now fixated on having a 4-wheeler). It was a beautiful CJ7 with a few mechanical problems that we were slowly working through. This October will be 3 years since it was wrecked. And this is why husbands should listen to their wives.

Angelique and Daddy taking a ride

Helping friends smash their hot tub they didn't want to move!

It was Halloween night 2006 and we were heading to the annual Crew Halloween Bash. Normally, I wouldn't have had any problems with taking the jeep anywhere when we were out without kids. But I knew the reason he wanted to take it on this trip. The house we were having this party at was in a new neighborhood and had a new retention pond dug behind the houses, one that was still empty and quite muddy. I agreed that he could take the jeep to go mudding on two conditions: 1) mudding before drinking and 2) I needed a blanket - it was already getting cool out when we left and it was an hour and a half drive with no top or doors.

When we arrived, the party was already underway. I went in to change into my costume (Ryan and I were sexy kittys that year). When I came back out Clint was already half way through a fairly large drink. I reminded him of our deal and he kind of brushed it off like he was having fun and the mudding could wait till morning. It was an awesome party. Everyone drank quite a bit, but we had already planned on staying over so no one would be driving. At 3:30, I finally called it a nite - I really like to get my sleep and wake up around 7:30 in the morning no matter how late I stay up. This is how hubs looked the last time I saw him.

So I snuggled in on the futon for 4 hours of sleep. About an hour and a half later I am woken up by my husband very soothingly telling me don't worry, everything is alright. They had a little accident and the jeep was stuck in the retention pond. Everyone was calling it a night because they wouldn't be able to get it out in the dark.

I found out the following morning there was a little more to the story. They had finished mudding in the pond and were trying to drive out. The way they came in was too steep, so they decided to get out on the opposite end. Four were in the jeep - two in the front seat and two standing on the back seat holding onto the roll bar. There was also some one on a 4-wheeler who saw everything too late to let them know what was about to happen. Oh yeah...did I mention that Clint couldn't see where he was going from all the mud on the windshield? Gaining speed to make their uphill exit when BAM abrupt stop. They had gone up over a 4 ft tall concrete culvert and ripped off the rear axle. The front seat passenger hit is head on the windshield not once but twice. And the two guys in the rear, went flying out. One walked away with road rash and the other a gash in the head and a concussion - he ended up going to get stitches the next afternoon.

Now, the hubs tells me that I'm his conscience and his conscience cannot go to sleep when there is the possibility he may do something stupid.

Aug 10, 2009

I Feel Like Rachel from "Friends" - Updated

I think I am going to do this weekend recap in reverse - mainly because one of the most embarrassing moments of my adult life happened on Friday and I would like to put it off to the end. So here goes.

Sunday - pretty normal for a Sunday, I started out my day by doing a boat load of laundry. Clint worked on my car - luckily it was an easy fix - just needed new power steering fluid. Did a small landscaping project in the front flower bed that turned out awesome and now we have to do the same thing in the bed that wraps around the front of the house and around the trees. We used sandstone rocks to hold the planters and filled the bed with lava rock. I love it!

Clint then painted with Christian, which turned into painting on Christian (no worries they were water colors).

We went grocery shopping (yes with the paint still in tact) - went to Wally World instead of Kroger (this was not good). They have completely changed the store around and I can't find anything. Too bad we had to go there to get the hubs some new underwear, socks and undershirts. When we got home, Clint went in to make dinner and I mowed the lawn and watered my hibiscus in their pretty new home (the rain we thought we were getting never came). Then something amazing happened - both kids fell asleep on their own before bedtime - although they were both in the wrong beds. We decided not to chance moving them.

Saturday - We got up pretty early 7:30 - especially for being out so late Friday (more on that to come). Clint started to make biscuits before realizing all we had left was chocolate milk. Rather than scrapping the whole thing he went ahead with the chocolate. We saw the kids off with Nana and Papa to run to Livingston to mow the lot. Then ate our chocolate biscuits (they were not bad and no they didn't taste like chocolate). After our unique breakfast we made our way out to look at tile and bathroom fixtures and furnishing (as we are in the midst of a forced bathroom remodel having to do with an a/c leak). We found tile we like - of course not in stock - and got some ideas we like for the sink/cabinet/etc. From there we went to a landscaping place and found some nice flat sandstone for a landscaping project I had in mind. After that we had to hurry home so I could get ready for a baby shower I was attending for a member of my group that afternoon. It was nice to have a few hours of grown up girl time, and it was a beautiful party. After I got home, we took the kids to the pool for a few hours and then went out to eat at Olive Garden.

Friday - OK, here goes. This was not the best night for me. The plan was to go out on the boat for Johnnie's 30th to celebrate. We were going to go wake boarding, do dinner at a restaurant on the water, swim, and bar hop. The problems started when we went to get the boat. Luckily, Clint tried to start it in storage - not once it was in the water - but it did not start. It took a few trips to the auto parts store and the house (for the voltage meter) to determine the battery was dead. Finally that replaced and we are on our way. It is too late to wake board now, but everyone has already gone to the restaurant. So we get the boat in the water and go to meet everyone one. We got through dinner (although with poor service - we had to clear the empty bottles off the table ourselves) and it was time to go out on the lake to swim. Now, this is my favorite thing. I love being in the water and being free to swim. Yeah, there are fish, but they don't bother you too much. That and it freaks one of my friends out when I get "too far from the boat".

Then something really unexpected happened. Before I get into the story I want to explain Taylor Lake is a brackish body of water - meaning it is a fresh & salt water mix. It usually leans more toward fresh. This is the water where we wake board, take the kids out on the tubes, and swim on a fairly regular basis. Well, I was doing my typical thing and swimming around, taunting Shawn about my being too far from the boat when I feel something on my thigh, then it starts tingling and burning. Shit...its a jelly fish...and it is not getting off my leg. I push at it with my hand and arm till it finally disengages. I'm yelling at everyone back at the boat and start my swim over hoping that I don't hit anymore. Everyone else is already back in the boat and Clint is at the back ready to help be get back in. As I am rounding the corner I hit another one with my hand and it lights up like Christmas. I don't think anyone really believed my until the saw that one. So hubs turns on the navigation lights on the front of the boat and goes to check it out. They are everywhere. So he is busy ooh-ing and ahh-ing on the front of the boat while I'm on the back of it in pain. Does anyone see where this in going?

So the obvious remedy is...someone needs to pee on it. OK, what are my other options. You can rub tobacco on a bee sting, maybe that will help. Nope! Meat tenderizer is recommended. Hello in the lake no meat tenderizer here. No...I will not be peed on, especially by my husband. I don't need anything to induce any fetish inducing story that will live on forever and ever and ever. But I'm in pain...and my leg is swollen, red and splotchy. An offer is made...I have a cup...I can pee in it then pour it on...and you can rise it. Alright, lets do this. Well, you know what folks, it doesn't work if you rinse it off. So the process had to be repeated...without the water rinse. I have chills now just recalling it. Now I have earned a nick name. I am jelly fish girl. Hey it could have been a lot worse.

Update: I forgot to add that I was not the only injury recipient of the evening. As we returned to Boondoggles - where everyone was parked and where just a few hours before I had complained about unlit docks - there was an accident. As Clint tied off the boat and people started to climb out, Billy went into the drink. I am not sure if he tripped or slipped, but down he went...with IPhone and wallet in tow. Clint saw the wallet floating in the water so he was able to grab that before it floated off or sank (which it was a good thing, because he had been to the bank that day. The bad thing, his leg. It was swelling rapidly and was very bruised. It looked like it could be broken. ER required. Fortunately it was not broken, insurance. On top of the ER bills, the IPhone had to be replaced. Not only do they not like water...they really dislike salt water.

Aug 7, 2009

Flashback Friday...wait a minute!

I have to admit to a little bit of OCD. I have great ideas to blog about - at least I think so - but never when I can actually blog about it. So what did I do...I started to make a list. Then I started to make an organized list. Then I thought to myself how cool would it be to have days with a theme.

Wait a minute that is dumb. It would make my blog so boring. No one will want to read that crap if I do the same thing every week ( 5 Tuesday, WTF Wednesday, and Flashback Friday) Yes it would my life easier and I would know exactly what the topic for the those days would be before even sitting down to my laptop. But I really need to get out of my monotonous ways and explore life (we can start with a blog, right?) outside of my comfort zone.

So, today I will do WTF* Friday instead of my original plan and who knows what will come out of my demented brain in the future. This post in is reference to the WTF moment I had of the day looking at the headlines on Apparently this 86 year old woman has a perpetual shoplifting habit. Having been arrested 61 times since 1956. That is more than once a year for the past 53 years. This time she's been charged with felony shoplifting for stuffing face cream, salmon, and coffee down her pants. I know she's a lil' ol' lady now, but didn't anyone ever think, hey maybe this lady has a problem and either needs mental help or imprisonment (not saying this would help her any, but it would help the stores from loosing merchandise for a while). Oh yeah, what happened to that whole 3 strikes idea. She must have racked up the felonies by now. That is unless some (probably several) prosecutors out there had bigger fish to fry and didn't want to take their time pursuing this. Just think about all the times she probably got away scott free. Has this woman ever purchased anything in her adult life? Was this story deemed news worthy for the wow, what an incompetent justice system we have, or for the OMG Granny is stealing factor?

Woman, 86, Charged With Stealing Wrinkle Cream Has Lengthy Criminal Record - Local News News Articles National News US News -

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*WTF = What the F***

Aug 6, 2009

Judo Chop!

All summer our family has been trying to decide what activity Angelique would be involved in this school year. She did ballet in preschool and cheerleading in kindergarden. She did a lot better in ballet than cheer, but I think that may have had something to do with the class size.

Her input has been gymnastics, karate or tennis. Now we were fairly certain tennis would be out of the running - at least for now - as neither the hubs or I know how to play and lessons are not cheap. We don't want to get her committed to something for her not to like it (espcially when we have a 6 month commitment rule). We thought about seeing if we have any friends that might be able to teach her some things, but we don't have any. That know how to play tennis (we do have friends, although I question their sanity for haning out with us). I guess I am going to have to do some research...Hello Google and Youtube and teach myself somethings, so I can teach her. This should be funny. I may have to have hubs take some video so you can all laugh at me.

So, this leaves us with gymnastics and karate. Both of which have after school programs close to our house. She was leaning more toward the gymnastics side of things - she has friends already enrolled in the program there, while we were leaning toward the karate aspect.

I started making phone calls a few days ago for information. Last night we stopped by the Bushi Ban studio to check it out. They are awesome. They will have a 30 minute class Monday-Thursday, as well as outdoor play - weather permitting - and wind down time so they are not still bouncing off the walls when you pick them up. The were excellent with Angelique, making her feel comfortable and even letting her in on a little secret (There is a lot of tumbling in karate). Smile on face. Halleuiah - the best of both worlds.

We did the enrollment and she'll start on the first day of school. I don't think we could ask for more. Not to mention it is not costing us much more a month than the after school pick up at Lighthouse (Christian will be staying until he starts school).

Clint's favorite things about this:
  • Discipline
  • All women run facility (we were worried they about them having at least 1
  • If she stays focused she can have her 1st black belt by 10 (and a double by the time she starts dating - watch out boys with ill intentions)

Aug 5, 2009

They Don't Make Batteries This Big!

No this is not a blog post about batteries, its a post about a tee shirt my husband wants to have made for me. That's right its referring to my boobs. They weren't always the object of t-shirt slogans.

After having my son, I quickly lost all of my pregnancy weight and then some - I was smokin' hot with a 3 month old. I managed to maintain my strict no taste, no fat, no fun diet through most of that year. Don't get jealous too quickly. Over the course of the next few years I started gaining, and gaining, and gaining. Now I weigh more than I ever did preggo - disturbing I know. Most of the weight settled in my hips (making my ghetto booty even more so...if there is such a thing), but a fair share went straight to the chi chis. So now we're talking DDD (thus the battery reference).

Believe me girls not as cool as my husband tells all his friends it is (and he was on the phone in the department store sharing with as many people as possible as the first humungo ugly brassier was purchased. I don't know why some women do this to themselves. They make my bra straps cut into my shoulders, make my back hurt, and leave me in constant fear of knocking out my front teeth when running after children (JK not quite that big). The other factor is where are the pretty bras for big boobies. Unless I want to spend around $75 to $100 for undergarments only the hubs will ever see I am stuck with monotone boring over the shoulder boulder holders. Not to mention my ever inquisitive daughter asking me just a few nights ago at bedtime, "mom, does anyone have boobs as big as yours?"

That brings me back to the tee. I am typically pretty conservative and quiet - until what ever spirit was slipped into my drink starts to take effect, so I would most likely never wear this thing in public. That is unless I get talked into attending the "Texas Redneck Games" at General Sams off road park as the hubs and several of the guys believe is a necessary trip for the near future. By the way...this is real - you can see the pics from the most recent one at . The events include an Ugly Butt Crack Contest, Mud Pit Belly Buster, ATV Ditch Tubing, and I hear a Wet T-Shirt Contest with divisions for Factory and Modified (real and fake for those not up on their redneck lingo).

In order to thwart some of this madness, and to make myself feel better, I am back on a diet. No, not the super duper strict boring one where I eat all day, but every single calorie is documented and determined what percentage of my diet is protein, carbs and fat. Yeah, I told you it sucked A. Now I am just trying to eat better and more natural foods. Lots of fruits and veggies, oatmeal, and lean meats (but I still allow myself a treat everyday). I still need to get my self motivated to exercise more - ok at all, but more on that later. Hopefully the breasts and hips will shrink together. Otherwise I am doomed to a life of my chest being covered with images of batteries in redneck hell.


I just read a blog from the Houston Chronicle called Good Mom / Bad Mom (check it out, it is hilarious) and one of the recent entries was about one of the mom's 4 yr old's getting her shots. Reading it just reminded me of some of the crazy things that come out of my sons mouth (he's 3)...starting with the time he had a flu shot.
  1. Daddy, the nurse just bit me
  2. There's a dinosaur in my room and he wants to eat my hiney
  3. I'm goin to Las Vegas (out of the blue and no he's not)
  4. My grandson Christian told me (is my great grandchild a time traveler?)
  5. I was never a baby and I was not born (thats just showed up one day as a 3 yr old)
  6. Whatever
  7. You're such a girl (this is usually directed at me, and I point out that he is correct)

I love how he looks like there is mischief waiting for him after this photo is done!

My most recent Christian-ism came from his pre-school. Apparently my child was not getting along with another little boy in his class, so the teacher took them both up to the office. Christian was asked why he didn't want to sit next to the other boy and his answer shocked the staff..."Because he has no manners" The decided that they couldn't fault him for that and let Christian sit somewhere else.

During Christian's questions the other little boy started to act up. So the director sat him down to talk to him. At the end asking "Do you understand" When the other boy failed to answer, Christian whispered to him "Say yes ma'am". The boy said nothing the teacher asked again. When he replied with the dreaded "yep", Christian got all serious and told him with his best grown up voice, "I said Say yes ma'am!".

While they couldn't tell Christian so, they were really quick to tell me when I picked him up how awesome it was to actually have a 3 yr old on their side.

Of course a week later he ruined it when he kicked a teacher during a temper tantrum for being put in time-out during outside play. He lost TV rights for a while on that one.

Aug 3, 2009

Negative Me?

Okay, so Clint is always telling me that I am too negative. I just think of it as being a realist and mentioning the points that I know he has not thought about because he is too excited about whatever crazy idea has entered his train of thought.

Maybe he's right. Maybe I thing too much about things. He in the past few weeks has randomly said..."I bet you can't go a whole day with out saying something negative". When that is proved true, it changes to an hour, and somehow I still manage to come up with something that is a downside to whatever he has said during that time.

Our most recent conversation is regarding a 4-wheeler. We love to go mudding out on some of the local trails with our friends (who have one) on occasion. Clint believes if we bought one, we would go more often, and he could take the kids out in the field behind the house to play on it, use it at the property in Livingston, etc. Of course I bring up storage, cost, and how often we would really use it.

Am I really too negative...or just a realist?