Mar 30, 2010

Passover Debate In the News

Yesterday when I was looking at news sites on the internet, I saw the same type story on two different sites.  It a nutshell, the headline was Jewish leaders upset that Christians were celebrating Passover.  Before opening the articles to investigate this further, my first thought to this was "Are they being protective over "their" holiday because we have Easter?"  That concept seemed ridiculous.  I mean, our messiah was Jewish.  He would have partaken in the Passover feast.  I have never been to a Seder, but I do acknowledge the Passover and don't believe any faith should be able to tell another "You are not allowed to believe in what I believe, because all our views are not the same".

Then I investigated further.  What I found within the articles didn't really reflect what the headline did.  In fact it mentioned that some rabbi's will hold a community Seder in which individuals of all religious backgrounds can attend and learn more about the history and traditions.

The headlines were more directed at Christians that have the Seder feast and take the other traditions with in the feast and mold them to fit a Christian perspective.  Such as the matzot (used to symbolize the Jewish patriarchs, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob).  The Christians referred to in this article re-purpose the symbolism to be representative of Jesus in the birth, death (the broken matzot), and the resurrection.

I do believe the Last Supper was a Passover meal (depending on the source may have been one day before).  What I don't believe should be happening is taking the sacred traditions of a group and molding them to fit what you want it to.  Christians believe in Abraham, Isaac and Jacob so why not let that symbolize what it was originally designed for?

What is your opinion on this?  What side do you come down on?

*Disclaimer:  I am a Christian.  I believe that Jesus is the savior.  That said, I also believe in the rights of every person to be able to persue the faith of their choice.

Mar 29, 2010

Video Monday Makin' Momma Proud

Angelique participated in her very first karate tournament over the weekend.  The school we attend hosted the event and competition was handled in a very positive manner.  Angelique competed in kata, which is a set sequence of karate moves organized into a pre-arranged fight against imaginary opponents (thank you wikipedia) which she earned 2nd place in her age group and in pinning where she took 1st place.

I am so proud of all the effort and practice she put in.  Ironically, I am now looking forward to her not winning so I can show her how proud I am of her then too!

Mar 24, 2010

Wordless Wednesday - Mostly


Mar 22, 2010

Anything Goes in Austin

The link below is for the absolutely classic SNL skit featuring Justin Timberlake.  Come on, I know you know all the words to Dick In A Box.  Don't be embarrassed if you find yourself singing along.

Why should you not be embarrassed for singing along.  Well, my dear friends, you should not be embarrassed because I was actually serenaded this song publicly at my birthday celebration in Austin.

Apparently after 8 shots of who knows what, you loose some inhibitions.  8 shots will make this quite, timid southern girl caress a "dick in a box" sitting on a piano in a bar full of people.

What, you don't believe me.  You want proof, you say?  Well, I have no video of this insanity, but there are pictures so here you go.

Isn't it great having friends who are not only nice enough to pay someone to do this to you, but to at least liquor you enough that you don't really care.  Oh, yeah they are all turning 30 in the near future as well.  Pay back is a bitch.

Mar 19, 2010

Left Cheek or Right?

All right,  which one of you is responsible for giving me the funk.  I know it could not be my precious angel children that would pass on some school yard bacteria.  I sit here now with a splitting headache a sore throat and wheezing.  On the day I had planned to be off work, going to the dentist, getting a massage free of charge thanks to a gift certificate (Thanks Ed), and shopping for a killer pair of strappy sandals to take my family pictures in.  But noooooo.  I am here at home, catching up on my DVR, trying not to cough my lungs out of my chest, and weeping over the repeated $25 co-pays being deducted from by bank account.  Seriously, from the duration of the past 2 and a half weeks, we are nearing $400.  After my sons allergies, asthma, and now an ear infection, I just couldn't stay healthy myself.  UHHHHHH!

I guess the one thing sticking in my mind over the whole sickly ordeal is having to get a shot in my bum yesterday.  When the nurse walks in she asked me which cheek.  Left or Right.


Right it is then.

Is there a correct answer to this question?  I don't sit on one side more than the other, kinda not how this sitting thing works.  Then again I thought maybe someone might answer:

"You better stick me on the left.  The right is the side my husband prefers to smack me on"

Mar 18, 2010

Sex Talk - Puppy Style

I hadn't intended to post a blog today.  That was until I check my e-mail.  I had one from a friend telling me how her weekend went.  That poor, poor mama.  She's got some explaining to do.

Margaret was spending the weekend with her Grandma and Grandpa.  Now, Grandma and Grandpa have 2 little dogs.  One is male, the other female.  They have already had 2 litters of puppies and the female was showing signs of going into heat again.  So, no wanting anymore pups, they separated the dogs.  Feefee* was outside and Butch stayed in.  Problem averted.

Sunday, Grandma needed to run to the store.  It was at this point that Margaret became desperate to go outside and play with Feefee.  Well, little 5 year old girls don't understand the way to get out the door while keeping a hyper, determined little horny dog inside.  He high tailed it right to Feefee and got down to business.  For 30-45 minutes!

Margaret was flipping out not understanding what was going on.  Our wide Grandpa decided to be open and honest with Margaret when she asked what was going on.  "Well...that is how babies are made."  Her wide eyed response, "I never see mom and dad bump butts!"  Did I mention to you all Margaret's mama is pregnant?  Grandpa "Well, I think you need to talk to your mother when you get home."

I am not sure I how I would have answered the question, but you can bet money one of my dogs would be in a kennel.  Not that it matters since both of mine are fixed.  Now, mommy gets to have an awkward sex talk with her 5 year old about how babies are made know that she already has a mental image.

*Names have been changed to protect innocent canines.

Mar 17, 2010

Health Insurance Bill

We have a special suprise today kids.  Today I have a guest blogger.  He is one of my best friends husbands, one of my husbands best friends and high school football and MY BOSS!  I told you on Friday he wouldn't have it ready by Tuesday.  Ironically it is not a post about me wasting time at work blogging.  He doesn't have his own blog, so he wanted to hi-jack mine for the day.  Here Jeremy.

I have an issue with the way that “our” government has been treating us lately. The insurance bill is the latest in these. I receive emails from the Obama organization regularly telling me to get behind this change and to volunteer time to support it, but I have yet to see any actual details about the proposal. All I get is what I would call marketing info. Give us some details about what you want me to be in favor of. This is the problem we have.

They want to allow uninsured people to obtain insurance. I don’t think people should be able to add and drop coverage as they find they are sick and in need of insurance, if that is the case, I will do the same! That can’t be supported financially for long if that is what is meant by allowing folks with preexisting conditions and no current coverage to obtain insurance. There is a reason the current systems discourage this and believe me, just as all government programs are abused this one will be too. Those people will stop paying when they don’t need it anymore, that’s why many don’t have it now. Who will be left with the bill?

They want to prevent big companies from “picking on the little guy” I am not saying that I like the way things are going, but how well do you know that the government has run anything? Everything they control is in debt and rising in costs. They couldn’t run the VA hospital system effectively, so we should let them have the whole thing?

Also what about riders to the bill, how can the American public think that anything in Washington is honest if a bill like this has riders that no one talks about, they just get through as negotiating tools. That doesn’t benefit any voter but it happens on every major bill. They stuck it to us on the Bail out bill, whether or not you were in favor of it, there were many riders that were never discussed that weren’t good for the country, but they snuck through.

What I haven’t been able to figure out is why they want this so bad. The public already said they didn’t want this when Hillary tried it. What is the benefit to them? I didn’t ask for this. I would rather insurance go away except for major coverage, and I still don’t want the government deciding if I can go to MD Anderson and instead send me to Bayshore, I would work harder for that decision. I haven’t felt like I am being represented in a long time, I can’t correspond with my house rep or even one of his assistants. Just get auto replys when I send a question. They don’t vote the way I think. I think it’s time for a major change.

And I better not forget...I want to participate in the Spring Swap over at Family of Shorts.  It looks like lots of fun and I already have a few ideas of what I want to send. 


Mar 16, 2010

The (Little) Wicked Witch of the Smith Home

Here on my blog I feel I can say just about anything at all.  If it pops into my head, I can empty it out here.  Some of you my judge, but you are nice enough to not say so (at least so far).

In real life, however, I tend to be quiet and conservative and not very talkative (until I've had a few drinks).  I also tend not to worry much about my appearance in regards to wearing makeup or wearing the clothes that are the latest style.

My husband is my polar opposite.  He likes to talk to new people and manages to make new friends where ever he goes.  He is well suited for sales.  He is also usually the one who has to talk me into letting go of my favorite T-shirt from the late 1970's.

My sweet blue eyed, blond haired daughter takes after him in that aspect and then takes it much further than that.  Here is a snippet of our conversation from my bathroom vanity this weekend while getting ready to go somewhere.

Leaky:  Mom, why do you have so many wrinkles and don't do anything about it.  I don't have any wrinkles.

Me:  Of course you don't have are only 7 (mental note...start using wrinkle cream).

Leaky:  Why don't you do Weight Watchers?

Me:  Um, because I don't want to.

Leaky:  But, you're on a diet right???  Weight Watchers can help you.

Me:  Ok...I think I will keep working on it my way.

Leaky:  Why does your belly hang out over your pants.

Me:  Because I'm bloated and have PMS and if you ask me one more question, I might just have to take your pretty no wrinkles head off.  (I didn't really say that.  What I did say) It's not nice to point out things like that.

Leaky:  It's okay!  We're not in public!

Me:  You're right.  Don't ever say those things in public, now go tell your brother to brush his teeth (so I can have myself a nice little cry all by myself.)

I guess that it was appropriate that she was a witch for Halloween last year.

Mar 15, 2010

Video Monday - Fatt Buttz

The video for today is just one that emphasizes the differences between my sense of humor and my husband's.  He got a huge kick out of this one and sent it to me (they guy rapping is a friend of his).

My thought while watching was not that it was funny, but that the white girl in the video has a tiny ass.  Then again my husband is weird like that.  He is in love with a song called "Whooty" (white girl with a booty).  I know, right!  It may have something to do with him having the no-ass-at-all syndrome.

Mar 12, 2010

Fantasy Friday

Today my boss was going to guest blog for me, but he got busy actually working and doesn't have the time to do the finishing touches until this afternoon.  This means you are going to have to wait for that till Tuesday.  Assuming he actually gets it done by then.  So, since I had no plan for today, I'm going to try something new.  I am going to tell you about one of my fantasies.  Sorry, no, it's not anything dirty...this week.

I had all kinds of dreams and aspirations when I was in high school that my parents just didn't agree with.  In hindsight only one of them can I now understand.  That one thing was playing football with the guys in jr. high.  Back then I didn't see what the big deal was.  I mean, they let me play street ball with the guys.  Now that I know what goes on behind the scenes, it was definitely not a place for an adolescent girl.

Another dream was to go the the Naval Academy.  Problem was, I had to start the process around 16 and get Congressional recommendations AND my parents to sign off on it.  NO WAY IN HELL!  So I set my sights on going off to college and getting my degree in Biotechnology and working my life diligently away as a lab rat with my face glued to a microscope.

Now, keep in mind this was well before the days of CSI and getting forensics degrees was a fad.  I fell in love with Biology and the way genes can mutate and where the marker for diseases lied during my sophomore year in high school.  I could see my self scooting around a lab on a tall roller stool.  I would spend my life doing ground breaking research into the causes of child hood diseases.  I wouldn't be paid much, but that wouldn't matter because the work was so damn important and made me feel immense pride that I was saving little lives.

What really happened was my parents didn't have the money to send me off to college, but they made to much for me to qualify for aid or grants.  So, they suggested I live at home and went to community college and they would help me out.  Turned out helping out meant I got to live at home for free.  I paid for all my books and classes that first semester - luckily they had a fledgling Biotech program that would completely transfer to a larger school after 2 years.  Then about 2 months in, my dad got in a drunken wreck (single car - no one injured) in which his car spent 6 weeks in the shop.  The result was he took my moms car and I had to drive my mom to work and pick her up.  This had me missing one class altogether, late for one, and leaving half way through a 3rd.  I ended up dropping the last class after I was failing the other 3 and it wasn't worth it to drive all the way out to the school for one course. 

2nd semester I started over and I did pretty well.  I moved out of my parents house, then ran into another problem.  My car broke down.  I only had a ride to school for algebra because it was at the same time my boyfriend had a class.  Once again, I was stuck missing my beloved science classes.  3rd semester I vowed would be different.  And it was.  I completed it from start to finish.  I had an A in my Biotech class going into the final.  Ooops...stupid me took a better job weeks before the end of the semester that had me sitting in more traffic than usual.  The final was supposed to start at 5.  I let the professor know I would likely be late due to my new job and he promised to make accommodations.  I got there at 5:30.  Everyone was gone.  No professor, no students.  No final.  I got a 0 and my shinning "A" became a dull "D".  IN MY CHOSE PROFESSION!

I gave up!  Which now is a catch 22.  I have a great job with great pay, but I long to go back to college follow my dream and finish what I started.  However, at this point I would probably have to start all over.

Mar 11, 2010

The Best Place (and time) To Turn 21

I don't have the pictures up yet from my Austin trip for my 30th (been a bit distracted lately), but I do have a tale of turning 21 in The Big Easy on Mardi Gras weekend.  Sorry, no pics of that one.  Even at 21 I knew not to leave any evidence behind.

Clint and I were still in the tentative days of our relationship.  Not for lack of trying on his part, but I was insistent that I wanted to date and have fun.  I hadn't really been single since I was 17 and I felt is was time to play a bit.  I think he called me on Valentine's Day just to say hi (I had made it clear that it would not be a date day for us).  When he called I was out shopping for something for myself to celebrate my b-day that was coming up in 10 days.  When I told him when it was, he said he was going to New Orleans and asked if I wanted to go.   I wasn't working or on call that weekend, so "Hell Yeah!"

We made the 5 hour drive out a few hours after two of his friends making the trip had already left.  We pulled in to Slidell (where we were meeting our friends) at 5 till midnight (and 5 till my b-day).  I rang in the new day with my first legal beer in my hand.  After that first drink we dropped off Clint's truck and jumped in the M III's jacked up Dodge truck and headed for the real party.  And when I say jacked up, I mean I had to have help getting in and I am 5'8".

The street was a blur of color and activity...then it was just a blur.  I had my first shot of Jagermeister that night.  It was quite sometime before I made that mistake again.  Around 4 am, we left Bourbon and headed for breakfast.  About the time we hit Canal, M III decided the truck was a shirt free zone (for some reason all the guys already had their shirts off in February).  Now, me being slutty, wasted, slutty and wasted a free spirit, I saw no problem with this and off went my sweater.  I put it back on when I got cold after a few minutes right before we pulled up to the window at McD's.

We stayed with Artigue's dad in Slidell who was either really nice to let us crash there, or just plain crazy.  He had a really cool house on Lake Pontchartrain that was originally a restaurant and had a beautiful 20 foot oak bar.  We slept for about 3 hours before it was time to get ready for the boat parade.  Clint had brought his boat out and we had to decorate it, stock it full of beads and have it in the water by 8.  I never thought being a part of a crewe would be so much fun.  I am sure it didn't hurt that we were drinking again before we ever got sober.

After the parade we went back out to Bourbon.  I don't remember much of the second day/night (more to do with that never getting sober part I guess).  But I know that during the whole weekend I probably slept a total of 5 hours and partied like a rock star.  There is no better way to ring in 21.

Mar 10, 2010

You Don't Look The Same When You Die

I honestly do not understand the concept of an open casket funeral.  I mean, I understand that it is supposed to give love ones closure and a final chance to say good bye.  Still, I don't get it.

Monday was my grandfather's funeral.  He passed away on Friday after months of being ill.  I knew in advance the time was coming and took the opportunity to visit him on Valentine's Day when he was still aware of his surroundings.  I also got to talk too him (although he was not able to speak back) last Monday.

Services were held at the same funeral home in the same small town as my Granddaddy's (1982) and Grandmama's (1999).  It was kind of surreal stepping back into the place where I last saw my Grandmamma's body lying in a casket.  The most prominent thing from my memory of that day was that the woman lying there looking nothing like my Grandmama, and it was no comfort seeing a body that looked nothing like someone I held so dear to my heart. 

I went in with a false sense of security knowing that Papaw was to be cremated.  I guess they decided to perform the cremation after the service so there would be the opportunity to have a viewing.  Once again I have been struck with the thought of this looks nothing like the person I saw just weeks ago.  I had no intention of speaking, but when the floor was opened for memories, I felt moved to.  I was able to share one of my fondest memories of my cousins and I sitting out on the deck of his house above the bayou spitting watermelon seeds at each other while our dads and Papaw shucked Oysters (yuck!) right out of the water.

Does anyone else feel comforted by this ritual?  I don't think that this is what I want for myself someday.  I don't want to be looked at in a box (opened or closed), I don't want to sit up on someones mantle or at the top of a closet.  Someone take my ashes and leave me on the river bank or at the beach.  That is where we are taking Papaw in a few weeks.  Down to the beach.  The water was always the place where he was the happiest.

John Howard Jones

Mar 3, 2010

Taking a Breather

I am taking a bit of a break here.  Life has been crazy.

My grandfather for the last several days has been "within hours"

I have mountains of laundry

I am buried with work

Sons first visit to the dentist resulted in a cavity (and he's the one who's scared of the dentist)

Don't worry.  I should be back next week to share with you all my exciting stories of Austin with pictures and commenting on all your blogs.