May 27, 2010

Tears to Shed Today

I got an e-mail from my best friend Rachel last Tuesday:

Her brother-in-law and his wife had delivered their triplet baby girls at 28 weeks (this was the goal they were trying to reach) on the 18th.  They were all in excellent condition, none on ventilators and they had even been approved for breast milk.  All huge milestones for preemies in the NICU.  A huge welcome to the world for Payden, Allyssa and Temperance!

I got an e-mail from my best friend Rachel yesterday morning:

Please Pray!  The call had come in from the NICU that Payden needed some medicine for her heart murmur.  Nothing serious, but something they wanted to start.  One hour later another call.  Payden developed and intestinal virus.  It would be several hours before the severity would be determined, and they put her on a ventilator to help her tiny body focus all its energy to fight the infection.

I got an e-mail from my best friend Rachel yesterday afternoon:

Payden's bowel was also perforated along with the infection.  She was being transferred to the Children's hospital for surgery.

I got a phone call from by best friend Rachel yesterday evening:

Payden pulled through the surgery.  They had removed her colon and part of her intestine.  They were not sure yet how far the infection had gotten into her intestines, so it was still a wait and see situation.  They would be keeping her at the Children's Hospital and they didn't know yet if they would be able to transfer the other babies over to keep them in the same place.

I had an e-mail from my best friend Rachel waiting for me when I got to work at 5 this morning.  It was sent at 1:27 am:

Payden has passed away.

My heart dropped.  I'm not sure what to say or do, other than offer my support and be there for my best friend who is expecting twins herself.  Rachel and her husband made the trip up to Austin to be with their family.

Please pray for the Harrell family.  Pray for health for Allyssa and Temperance.  Pray for healing in their hearts for the loss of Payden.  Pray for Clarissa and Rustin as they share the news with their 6 year old daughter.  Pray for baby Greyson that passed away last spring after being born at 21 weeks.  This family has suffered unimaginable loss already.  Please pray for them!

May 26, 2010

What a Weekend!

Man alive it was busy!  So busy in fact, it has taken me till Wednesday to re-coop and get my act together and get the pictures loaded.

The parties went off well.  I had to keep reminding myself to relax and not to stress over little things.

R and I ended up cancelling our mani/pedi appointments on Friday since she didn't have anyone to watch her daughter and holding a wiggly 15 month old is not very conducive to having pretty nails.  So we went shopping instead.  We found some really cute jewelry, swim cover ups, shoes, and a shirt that I ended up wearing out to the concert.

Everyone met up at a pub called Boondoggles on Clear Lake for drinks and snacks before the concert.  The place was packed, so we sat on the picnic tables out on the patio.  Let me tell you May + Houston = Too effin' hot to sit outside to eat.  My hair, that I actually took the time to fix (the one time this month) was flat within minutes.  We were lucky enough to find a table right in front of the fan though, so at least we were not pouring sweat.  We passed a good part of the time making fun of bossman's (R's hubby) new haircut.  It was very metro looking and gelled, which is not at all his style.

We got to the concert around 10 and had about 30 minutes to kill before crowding in front of the stage for a great show.  Stoney rocked the house with several new songs and lots of favorites from The Red Dirt Album.  If you enjoy a rougher sounding country you should definitely check out Stoney LaRue.

Saturday morning we got  up early to go out on the water.  We had to go pick up our kids and R and bossman's kids (they had a sleepover) from my in-laws house and then we were ready to go.  We were meeting a couple from our small group at the dock and they were bringing their 3 girls also.  It was really fun seeing all 8 kids interact with each other and play in the water.  The best thing for the day though was watching our small group navigator go flying off the tube and catching it on freeze frame with our camera.  We even considered going back to Boondoggles for lunch since it is right there on the water with docks, but we didn't want to take a break from our water play time.

The only bad thing is Clint and I got sunburned pretty badly.  Here is a helpful tip.  If you plan on using the spray type sunscreen that is now very popular, do not apply it when the wind is blowing.  It is not really making it to your skin and you will end up looking like a lobster, as I do now.

We got off the water around 3 and had to haul booty.  The BBQ was supposed to start at 4 and we still had to drop off the boat at home, get cleaned up a little, stop at Party City and get across town.  We were late, but were also only the 2nd ones there so it was ok.

The kids spent the entire time in the pool.  We couldn't even convince them to get out long enough to eat dinner.  Despite Leaky being a really strong swimmer, I had to restrict her to the shallow end a few times because she was so tired from a full day and staying up late the night before with her friends.

Overall the party weekend was a success.  I hope all my friends enjoyed their Birthday Weekend and a big thanks to all those who helped out with the planning.

May 24, 2010

Monkey Minute - for Daffy

1 - Do you *snort*?

Not very often.  I am more known for my ability to "burp like a man"

2 - Our friend, has a nickname and it's Daffy.  What's your nickname?

Jellyfish Girl.  You can find the story here.

3 - Do you know sign language?

I only know the first verse of Silent Night.  I learned it for a Christmas pageant in the 3rd grade.

4 - What's a sample convo from your hood?

Uh...He just hung up on me.  That silly boy.  (My son "talking" to his friend on the Ipod - not phone - Nano)

5-  Do you sleep with electronic devices - i.e. laptop, Blackberry, iPhone, etc?

I do sleep with my Blackberry, but only because it is my alarm clock.  Don't judge.

May 19, 2010

May 18, 2010

I Am A Crappy Party Planner

I have been a bad blogger. I got awarded then abandoned my blog. I really tried to keep up with all of you for a while, but alas, even that fell by the wayside. I won't make excuses for my bad behavior, other than life just got in the way. We are gearing up for a busy summer, so I won't lie to you all and say it won't happen again, but hopefully I will be soooo excited about all our adventures that I won't be able to wait to share them will you!

It is not only you, my bloggy friends, that I feel like I have been neglecting, by my live in person friends as well. You see, I have 3 great friends with birthdays in May. We will call them L, R and S. L and R are turning 30, so big deal celebration, right? I mean they took me to Austin to have a huge blowout bash. So, what are you going to do for these great friends you may ask. Not as much as I would like to. There are a few barriers in the way.

1. We are going camping Memorial Weekend (with the kiddos) and renting cabins as a group, so the money we would have spent on a party for them is going toward this trip.

2. L is preggo with twins, so no bars or drinking for her.

3. S is married to L so he's on a tight leash.

So here's what we are doing. We all went out for lunch last weekend for L's B-day. We are going out to a concert (Stoney LaRue) on Friday for R's B-day, and we are trying to get the whole crew together to BBQ and swim on Saturday. I am also taking R to get her nails done on Friday.

I feel pretty lame in the party planning department (especially considering most of what we are doing was not my idea). What to you all think? Do you have any ideas I can claim as my own? Only R will know the truth because she reads my blog. Hi ready for mani pedi pampering on Friday?

May 10, 2010

You like me...You really like me!

 Last week I was the lucky recipient of not 1, but 2 awards!  Can you believe it, Me!  I am still in shock!

First, Pam at Live, Laugh, Love with the Pondering Princess bestowed upon me the Happy 101.

These are the rules:

1. Display the award on your blog.

2. Link to the awarder's blog.

3. List 10 things that make you happy.

4. Pass the award along to other bloggers and visit their blog to let them know about the award.

 10 Things That Make Me Happy

  1. Handmade gifts from my children.  They are the best and the ones that I want to keep forever!
  2. Taking the time to get a mani pedi with my daughter.  Hopefully we will be doing this together for many years to come
  3. Date night
  4. Spending time on the water
  5. Hanging out with the crew
  6. Family Dinner
  7. Kissing my babies good night
  8. Serving in the wigglers (babies) in PeeWee Ville (0-5 year old church)
  9. Clint
  10. Getting to spend time with Ed

Then, Miss Fit was kind enough to pass the Honest Scrap my way.  For this one, I'm supposed to share 10 random things about myself and pass the award on the 10 other bloggers.  This may be tough, since I did 7 things about myself not to long ago here.   Really, it's hard to think of all these things about myself!

10 Random Things about me:

  1. I think Friday the 13th (the day, not the movie) is the bomb diggity, but I want to hide under the covers on Saturday the 14th
  2. I was one of the few kids in school that managed to fit in with the jocks, band, book worms, sk8ers and kickers
  3. I think a bag of popcorn is an acceptable lunch (my waistline disagrees)
  4. I hate to shop...I end up way to frustrated and stressed out
  5. My heritage is mostly Scandinavian and Italian to which I attribute my proud quiet nature and my ability to hold a grudge.
  6. I had absolutely no communication with my bio mom from age 5 to 19
  7. My son and my nephew were born 5 days apart
  8. I HATE mayo and will only use it for tuna salad
  9. I ran track in HS, but now have trouble keeping up with my 7 year old
  10. I only talk on the phone when I have to.  I go nowhere near half the 450 minutes on my phone plan and don't have a home phone.
Now to share the love!  I'm only going to do three because I'm feeling lazy I really like that number.  You are welcome to pick just one or you can do both...Your choice.

Mimi @ Living in France
Lisa Marie @ Domestication of a Party Girl
Tenny @ Simply a Mom

May 6, 2010

Let's Hear It For New York* - Sunday

Move over Alicia Keys - I'm taking it from here.  Oh wait, I'm going home.  Never Mind.


7:30a - Uuuuhhhhhhhh.  Shut up alarm clock.  I don't want to get up.  I didn't sleep in one single day of my mini vacation.

7:45a - I'm dressed.  Clint...It's time to get up.  We have to pack and get to the airport.  While he's in the bathroom, I unpack what he packed in my suitcase the night before and re-pack it my at the bottom, everything folded (even dirty) and belts and accessories in the small compartments.  I know its sounds ridiculous.  I think I might be just a little OCD.  Shhh, don't tell anyone!

8:10a - Checking out of the hotel and it's raining.  Stare outside for 5 minutes  to see not one taxi go down the street.  Ask the receptionist if she can call for one.  We end up being picked up 5 minutes later in a Navigator that looks exactly like our own Expedition.

8:45a - Holy flying monkey balls.  We are already at the airport (Laguardia).  I wouldn't know...I can't open my eyes.  Dude drives just like Clint.  Scary!

9:00a - Um, okay.  We are already through check-in and security.  Where is everyone.  We were expecting that to take at least 30 to 45  minutes.  Whatever, I have coffee on the brain.

9:30a - No Starbucks here, so I settle for Dunkin' and a bowl of cereal.  Clint got the same and somehow our total was no less than $25.  I don't know if this is the norm for the donut chain, but I drink my coffee in a chemical plant most days of the week, and that stuff was stout!  We settle in for just over an hour wait to board.  Clint watched "Mr. and Mrs. Smith" and I caught up on my reading "Crazy Love".  It is a eye opening book about faith by Francis Chan.  One I recommend.  The flight is overbooked and they are asking passengers to volunteer to be bumped for compensation.  Tempting, but I'm ready to go home.

10:40a - Pack into the to Chicago Midway like sardines in a can.  Clint sleeps on the flight.  I don't.  For some reason, can't, despite being exhausted.

1:30p - (Time Change accounted for) Eat and kill time staring out the window for an hour till our next flight.

2:45p - Time to go...back in line.  We are a little ways back with our boarding number and it is once again a packed flight.  While waiting in the line, I scope everyone out to determine who it would be the most fun to sit next to (Southwest does not assign seating, just boarding order).  There is a nun!  Sweet!  I tell Clint we need to sit next to her and watch "My Best Friends Girl" without the headphones.  In case you are not aware it is a Dane Cook movie with lots of cursing and some nudity.  Yes, I can be just a weee bit evil at times.  I'm workin on it.  A few minutes later Clint sees someone we know further back in the line.  We agree we should try to sit somewhere so he can sit with us.  Damn, no nun torture today.

I think we did end up watching "My Best Friends Girl" on the plane, but we wore the headphones and sat in the last row, so no one else was offended by the movie.

4:30p - Back on Houston soil.  Grab some kids, some dinner, and agree (reluctantly) not to unpack tonight.

I think it took a full week to catch up on sleep and for my feet to recover.  We had a great trip and I would tell anyone it is a trip that you should make at least once.  When my daughter is older, I am going to try to take a mother-daughter trip with our best friends.

So far, the only thing we can think of that we forgot do is food related.  We forgot to go to the original Katz's Deli.

A word of advice.  DO NOT get on the scale as soon as you get home from a trip like this!

May 5, 2010

Wordless Wednesday - There's A Reason We Call Him Bubba

My Muffin Top will have to wait for me to actually spend some time at  home.

This is either Christians idea of a pedicure or he was trying to see how far he could push me by playing in the water when he shouldn't be.

May 4, 2010

Let's Hear It for New York* - Saturday

sang in my best Alicia Keys impersonation (little off key, but I rockin' it now!)

If you missed it, go back and read about Thursday and Friday.

This post may be a little light on the pictures, our camera died Friday night so everything on Saturday was taken with my Blackberry.


6:30a - Stupid ass internal alarm clock...I hate that bitch.  I'm going to lay around for 2  hours and watch crappy TV until my husband wakes up.

8:30a - Shower, dress and discover my eyes are so blood shot that I look like I have pink eye (I have severe eye allergies).  We have to stop and get some eye drops NOW!  Now, where was that pharmacy again?

9:00a - Sit down for breakfast at Ben Ash and wait for our friends to join us.  Sneak off twice to administer more eye drops.  The food was okay (Clint thought it was excellent, but the snooty waitress got his order right).  We discuss seeing another show since the one the night before blew us away.  Decide that if we do see one we will go to the Cirque show.

10:30a - Yes, breakfast, took that long!  We decide its time to hit up the central park zoo!  My favorite are always the seals.  One was sunning and the other was swimming in circles around the rock formation in the center of their enclosure.  We went around to take a look at all the different exhibits.  Stepping into the tropical enclosure was like being home in the middle of summer.  Hot and sticky.  We all got a kick out of watching the penguins too (none of those photos came out well).  Overall, its a pretty cool little zoo, but it had nothing on Houston's.

11:30a - Since we are already there, we decide to walk around Central Park for a while.  While it was getting a little warm for my jacket, I never expected to see anyone laying out in the park in a bikini.  Sorry guys, she was too far away for a picture.  We climbed a rock formation and around musicians by a pond where there were miniature sail boat racing.  Most of this time, I spent on the phone with my daughter back home trying to figure out where the invitation for a party I didn't RSVP for went, because here Nana said she would take her.

12:30p - Clint spies row boats on a lake.  Totally something he wants to do.  I don't say anything, but really it has alarms going off in my accident prone mind.  I must have ESP or something, because as soon as we got to the gate to go in, he looks at me and says, "This might not be a good idea.  Cara will probably end up wet."  Sadly, he's right, I would have ended up wet.  Instead we watch everyone working out in the park, and laugh at critique some from a far.

12:45p - We are all getting pretty hungry, and we have yet to try New York pizza yet.  So the phones come out to determine where the best place is to have authentic New York pizza.  It was only a few blocks from Central Park so, we could walk it.  We had no clue how long that would actually take us.  It felt like we walked forever.  We even ended up walking through a benefit walk for Parkinson's.

1:30p - Famished and dehydrated we finally make it to Angelo's Coal Oven Pizza.  I'm not certain if the pizza was really that good, or we were just that hungry, but the 4 of us made good work of 2 large pizzas.

2:15p - Fat and happy we make our way to Time Square to see if we can get tickets to the show we want to see.  It took us about 15 minutes to decide that we didn't want to deal with the hassle of seeing the Cirque show (subway, ferry and bus), we would just have a really nice dinner and spend the evening hanging out.  Plus, all that time not spent in line, gave us time to shop.

We shopped in the Hershey's and M and M stores in Time Square where we bought the kids some really cool ice cream bowls, super huge bags of pink and blue M and M's, and Angelique a tank top.  We got Christian a T-Shirt from Bubba Gump Shrimp Co since Bubba is one of his many nick-names.

FAO Schwartz and Tiffany's are our only other 2 must stop places.  FAO was insanely packed.  I felt like I was shopping in the Galleria at a day after Thanksgiving Sale.  And I have never before in my life seen a stuffed animal for $3,000.  Lucky for us, my son's allergies do not allow him to have stuffed animals.

Tiffany's was quite the experience also.  Jen looked like she was right at home.  It was awesome to go there, but due to my cheap tendencies, I could not buy anything.  I have to say time flew by just looking at all of the beautiful things in that store.

5:00p - We decided to head back towards the hotels to get cleaned up and dressed for our nice dinner.  I was seriously hesitant about putting my high heels on my swollen feet.  Unfortunately, my only other option was to wear my Nike's or my flip flops (not repeating that mistake) with my dress.  So, I sucked it up, put on my make-up and crammed my feet into my killer - in more ways than one - pumps.  Thankfully, after walking the 3 blocks to meet back up, everyone decided the best plan of action for the evening would be to take a cab.  Thank the heavens above!

6:45p - We arrive at our destination.  Bond St Japanese.  If we didn't know the address, we would have never known it was there.  I have to say, every bit of our meal was amazing.  I'm not much on sushi (I have some food texture issues), but I did try the seared scallops and a few other things that were wonderful.  I ordered New York Strip and despite never using chop sticks before this trip, I did a pretty good job of keeping my food off myself while eating with them at this upscale establishment.  It took two hours of good drinks, food and conversation for us to be ushered out the door.

9:15p - Finally snug back in a cab directed in the general vicinity of our hotels, CJ pulls his phone out to search for a bar for us to enjoy the rest of our last night together.  He finds one called McGee's that is just 1 block between our hotels and is said to be the inspiration behind Mclarens (sp?) on How I Met Your Mother.  Hell yeah, that is where we are going.

9:45p - The bar looks nothing like the one on the show, but it looks cool anyway so we find a booth and kick off our shoes under the table and settle in for lots of drinks.  While enjoying our beverages we bs about everyone back home and watch our home teams play ball on the TV over the bar.  Baltimore got their asses handed to them and the Astros actually won one.  We spent the next 3 hours drinking Firefly Vodka* and listening to the boy - and yes by this point they were reverted to boys - retell old stories.

1:00a - We hug goodbye at the corner and as we make our way back to the hotel it starts to rain.  Running in heels after 3 days of walking was not happening, so we got a bit wet.  We threw somethings in the direction of suit cases.  It was time to get some sleep, we needed to be on our way to the airport by 8 the next morning.

Find out about our trip home on Thursday...

*Firefly Vodka is this amazing concoction that is vodka that taste like sweet tea and is even made with real sugar.  If you are a sweet tea junkie (see Southern) you have to try this stuff!

May 3, 2010

Monday Minute - Get You Stomach Turning.

It's time to play along with Ian at DDoR again.  To join in click on the button below and link on up!

Monday Minute

1 - How much would you have to be paid to eat a human cadaver's finger?

You could not pay me to do this.  EVER!

2 - Describe the worst physical fight you've ever been in.

Considering there has only been one, that's easy.  It was with my little sister (by 3 yrs)  She had to take summer school and wanted to go with me to register her, which I had to do since my mom couldn't take off work to do it.  I wasn't going to take her because it was my first time driving on the freeway alone, and I definitely wasn't taking our 5 yr old brother who we watched during the summer.  She got pissed and charged me (she was a regular fighter at school).  I flipped her over, pinned her on the ground, punched her 3 times in the arm and told her if she was such tough shit to get me off her.  She gave up.

3 - Name one song that if you never heard it ever again, you'd be thrilled.

Anything by Keisha

4 - Describe the "drunkest" situation you've ever been.

Halloween 2004.  By midnight I was bawling and yelling at Clint that he didn't love me because he wouldn't take me home (he was drunk too and couldn't drive).  A friend drove us home and trying to make it up the stairs, I slipped and hit Clint in the nose.  He claims I broke it.
5 - What's your biggest regret?

This would take way too long to cover, but to make this short...My relationship with my extended family.

Also - Prec over at Sand and Starfish is hosting some pretty cool giveaways.  You should go check her out (even if you don't want stuff).  She's cool, and crafty, and does things like sing to her garden.