Jun 30, 2010

I'm Not Here Today

Nope...not here.  But where you may ask...


Well my Journey from Muffin Top to Skinny Jeans is up.  It's over at Family of Shorts!  Shortmama is the one who put this whole thing into action and I am honored to be able to guest post for her today while she is away from blogland.

So click the link, click the button, whatever!  Just get over there and check it out.  And if you are not already a follower of Shortmama you better take care of that while you are over there!

Jun 24, 2010

Cartwheeling May Not Be In Your Best Intrest

I have a ton of ideas for different post floating around in my head making me crazy.  The problem is that pictures are required to tell the stories properly and I moved all of my photos to my external hard drive.  Which is not presently in my location.

So, you get this story instead...

Leaky is a cartwheeling fool.  She has spent more time on her hands lately than on her feet.  It is really a pain in the ass when you are trying to have a conversation with a child that is constantly rotating.  I made the mistake recently of informing her that I used to be able to do cartwheels too.  She scoffed at the idea.  I took it as a challenge.

The good news is that I proved my daughter wrong and performed my cartwheel with perfect form.  The bad news, I may have over stretched a muscle in my groin that I forgot was there.  Let's just say I was walking a little funny for a few days. 

All this action reminded me of my worst experience ever with the cartwheels.  I participated in debate during my junior/senior year.  We would travel to other schools to compete in tournaments once or twice a month.  This particular event was being held at the school my cousins attended.  I spent most of my free time hanging out with them and their friends.  This meant running into someone I knew wasn't out of the question.  I was done with my rounds by early evening as was on of my best friends Chrissy.  We were screwing around and running from place to place in the cafeteria to catch up with everyone and see how they did.  I was full of energy and a complete goof and chose the middle of the floor to perform a quick cartwheel.  As I was turning through the air, I heard the loudest rip that I can ever remember hearing.  I am fairly certain the sound caught the attention of the hundred or so teens BSing and playing hacky sack (who remembers that??) around my vicinity.  I landed with my legs together afraid to move. 

I hadn't just ripped my jeans a little along the seam.

I had torn the entire crotch out of my jeans.  At the same time in life I had started experimenting with wearing thong underwear.  I was completely frozen with mortification.  Chris thought quickly and threw me her sweater to tie around my waist.  If I walked really carefully that would help maintain the shred that was left of my modesty and my pants.

If any of you are aware, you are required to dress professional while competing in debate.  The would have saved me with having a spare set of clothes.  Except, I had forgotten my stuff at home that morning and had borrowed another friends during my debates and she had left already with her parents, while I would be taking the bus back to our school.

I spent the next few hours standing very still and awkwardly as to not expose myself (again) until it was time to go.  I was never so excited to make it home in my life.

Jun 22, 2010

Contradictory???? Nah!

My husband took this photo last week while driving through Houston last week.

I'm not so sure the themes of the window stickers really go together.

On another note...I am going on vacation in a few weeks.  July 12th to be exact.  I don't want my little piece of the Internet to go stagnant while I'm away, so if any of you would be interested in doing a guest post, I would love you forever!

Not that I don't already!

Jun 21, 2010

Monday Minute

Monday Minute

1 - Have you ever had any feelings towards one of your teachers back in the day?

No...I had not hot teachers!

2 - What's the most embarrassing thing that happened while at work? (If you never worked then make something up)

I really try to avoid doing things that will lead to embarrassment at work, but if I had to say something...it would relate to dating someone you work with.  It was my first job and most of our friends were co-workers...most fights were carried over into work.
3 - When was the last time you crapped yourself?

I'll just say it wasn't long ago enough not to be mortified by it.  At least it happened at home!

4 - What is one thing you have always kept a secret and why have you kept this a secret for so long?

I try not to keep secrets...they eat at you an make you insane.

and finally...

5 - What's your best advice for us habitual coffee drinkers as to not have to poop right after drinking it?

Ummm...Go before

Jun 15, 2010

Cara Has Crabs!

This is what I heard all weekend long.  From the kids, my dear hubby, friends, and even at church!

Why, oh why, would the people I care about go around in public making this declaration?

Because I had a crab...but it was funnier to say it in the plural.

We went out on the water this weekend.  A little wakeboarding and playing on FIL's new supercharged jet ski (that thing boogies!)

To get back in the boat from the jet ski, I just dove into the water.  While sitting back in the boat, talking and just hanging out, I start to feel this little stinging on my side.  Almost like a little bee sting. 

The fist time I thought I was imagining something.  The second time was, "What the hell is that?!"  I pulled out the side of my tankini top and out drops this little fellow.

The kids decided to keep him and put him in an empty Dr. Pepper bottle with some of the lake water.  He survived the weekend.  Even after the kids switched out his brackish water (combination of fresh and salt water) for water from the sink. 

Sunday afternoon he was released back into the creek.

So, I guess I really can say now that I have had crab(s).

Jun 14, 2010

Monday Minute

1 - What's the specs of the first computer you owned?

I have no clue.  I don't even know the specs on the computer I am using now.

2 - Are you on Twitter/Facebook/etc, if so link it/them up

I'm on facebook - at least I think I still might be.

3 - Who's more to blame for the oil mess in the gulf - BP or the Gov't and why?

BP hold the majority of the responsibility.  There are maintenance and safety protocols in place as well as inspection requirements that were ignored.  The government holds a partial responsibility for turning a blind eye on what is going on in these drilling platforms and failing to do governmental inspections.
4 - What's your favorite Dr. Suess book?

I spent so much time holed up reading when I was a kid and during my elementary years, I must have read One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish over 1,000 times.

And finally...

5 - What did you want to be when you grew up?

A genetic researcher focused on childhood diseases.

Jun 10, 2010


This was the best that I could come up with.  Should I have seen this coming.  What the "F" are you thinking.

This does not even begin to touch the things that were going through my head when a co-worker came into my office on Tuesday afternoon.  "Can I have your number" in the whispery *wink-wink type thing is something I might expect to hear from a stranger in a club.  But at work?  From someone I see daily, but rarely speak with?  Who knows I am married (and I believe to be married as well)?  Seriously?

I was in the middle of responding to a blog comment on my blackberry and was completely thrown off guard.  One of you may have received a completely non-sensical reply on Tuesday...sorry...off my game.

Here is the back story (and there is very little to be told).  I have been working in this chemical plant as a contractor for 8 months planning maintenance shut downs.  He is employed by the plant and works in the same building.  His group meets in the dining area every morning at 6 to discuss that days work and any issues that may need to be addressed.  I go in and get my coffee at 6.  Smile politely, say good morning, grab my coffee and off I go.  He would occasionally pop in my office to say hello or put his hand on my shoulder while I was working at the copy machine.  I am not a touchy feely person, so this bugged me, but at the same time there are  a lot of people who do that kind of thing so I just shrug it off.  A few months ago, he came into my office and asked how the planning was going and gave me his number in case I needed something.  Little yellow flag went up, but I would be planning work that fell into his discipline, so just for work stuff.  Never had to use it.

Is this more common than I thought and I am just naive?  I mean I work in an industry that is (at least) 95% male dominated.  I have had my job for 3-1/2 years.  And while there have been some off color jokes - mostly from people I trust and I know for certain they are jokes - I have never had anything like this happen before.

Of course, I called Clint and told him.  Very quietly since our walls are paper thin.  He laughed and said it was because I am hawt!  Then asked if it was one of the "higher ups".

I had to be a smart-ass and reply..."Should I have said yes if it was?" 

His actually thought process behind the question was if I need to put into action something to protect myself/job if they had that kind of power.  Nope...nothing like that.  My job is safe.  I just have to suck it up and act normal when I go to get my coffee in the morning and pass in the hall.  I am certainly not going to hide in my office because some ass over stepped a line.  Hopefully, he will realize my uhhhh...noooo! was a firm NO!

What would you do?

Jun 9, 2010

Muffin Top - Recipe Share


This weeks assignment was to share our favorite healthy recipe.  I may be in trouble here.  My husband cooks the majority of our meals and while I do cook, mostly it's a lot of experimenting to make normal meals more exciting.  I do have my specialties, but those are definitely not on the healthy side of life.  Just ask anyone who has eaten Tex Mex Sheppard's Pie (recipe from Ed's grandma).  I usually have to make 3 casserole dishes of the stuff to satisfy everone's over indulgence in it.

Today I will share my chicken and rice recipe.

You will need:

3-4 chicken breast (dependent on size)
spices (this is where the experimentation comes in)
2 bags of boil in bag brown rice
steamed broccoli
Healthy Selection Cream of Mushroom Soup
2% Shredded Cheese

The first thing to do is season up you chicken.  My go to spices and herbs are garlic, Tony's (old bay will work too), Italian seasoning, rosemary, pepper, and usually a light Italian dressing.  If I run across something that strikes my fancy in the fridge or spice rack - I add that too.  Broil the chicken until it is cooked through.  Cooking time will vary depending on the thickness of your chicken and they oven you use (I like to use my convection toaster over - less energy and cooks faster).  There are also times I cheat this part and just buy a preprepared rotisserie chicken from the grocery store.

While you chicken is cooking away, throw your rice bags into boiling water for 10 minutes and steam your broccoli.  I also cheat on the broccoli steaming.  I will either use the green giant frozen steamables or fresh and use Ziploc steam bags.  I don't know how those things work, but they are amazing and I wash them out and use them multiple times when I'm just steaming veggies.

When all of your cooking is completed, cut up your chicken and mix it with the rice, broccoli and mushroom soup.  Pour it all into a greased casserole dish and bake it in the oven at 400 for 15-20 minutes.  Sprinkle on the cheese (if you want it) about a minute before pulling it out of the oven.

It took me a few times of making this before coaxing my picky eaters to try it, but once they did they loved it!

On another note.  I haven't weighed in this week, but when I did last Friday, I found I was down 8 lbs from starting.  I set a new goal to loose 10 lbs every 2 months so I don't have to beat myself up on the times I don't resist temptation.  This will also put me at my ultimate goal weight by early December!

Jun 8, 2010

Playing Catchup

We have so much going on lately, that I have missed sharing some of our great experiences with all of you.  All the way back to May 27th.  I know, I am bad.  So today I am going to catch you all up on random little tidbits that have been exciting my world.

May 27th

Both the kiddos had a belt test (karate) scheduled for that week.  Christian's was Thursday at 5:15 and Angelique's Friday at 6:00.  Problem, we were going out of town for Memorial Day Weekend and leaving Friday morning.  Angelique's school (they go to different locations since the one closer to our house doesn't have a preschool) graciously agreed to test her on Thursday at 4:30.  It was a struggle to get to the other school in 15 minutes, but we made it.  We couldn't be prouder of our Green Belt and Tiny Tiger Yellow Belt.  I think it was all Christian talked about for a week.  And that kid talks...a lot!

June 1st / 2nd

As soon as we got back from our fun River Trip it was time for the end of the year festivities for miss Leaky.  Tuesday was the end of the year Pizza / Class Party and Wednesday was the Poetry Celebration / 1st Grade Assembly (note to administrators - make it easier on us working parents and do these things on the same day).  Since there was no way for me to possible take off 2 days of work, I went in super early on Wednesday to go to the Poetry Celebration.  It was a ton of fun to see all the kids read their original poetry.  I tried to video Angelique's reading, but she started reading before she got in front of the class and was walking before she was done again.  My pictures didn't turn out very well either.  But super duper congrats to my baby big now 2nd grade girl.

June 5th

We got off for the evening when Clint's mom decided to watch the kids overnight.  So I managed to drag Clint away from his laptop and we joined Crew over at Johnnie's new house.  We were early, so we helped paint the first coat of primer in the living room.  With the work out of the way we grabbed a few drinks, barbecued chicken and played in the pool.  Apparently, the only reason I should do energy drinks in not just that they keep me up for ever, they also make me channel my chatterbox son.  And to anyone who knows me, that is way out of my norm.

June 8th

Yep, that's today.  JennyMac at Lets Have a Cocktail is hosting this amazing giveaway for Bubble Beach Bags.  These things are super cute and deflatable.  I wonder if this means they will float too - you never know when the tide will come in - unless you pay attention to that stuff.

Jun 7, 2010

Monday Minute - The Kid Edition

Here was our assignment:  This week you need to take these five questions and ask your kid to answer em. Or ask all your kids and provide multiple answers. Don't have a kid? Make one up.

I have 2 kiddos and I was planning on doing this for both of them, but our weekend was so busy that I only managed to corner one of them.  Below are Christian's answers.

1 - What's your favorite book/story?
Big Green Tractor / Cars

2 - What do you want to do when you grow up?
Be a cowboy and have guns and knives
3 - What is your favorite game?
Dance Dance Revolution on Wii
4 - What's your favorite food?

5 - Insert your own question to ask your kid - What is your favorite song?

Chicken Fried

Jun 3, 2010

Raising Awareness Thursday - HPV Virus

Lee from Headaches, Hormones and Hotflashes and Tami from Hearts Make Families are using their Raise Awareness this Thursday to discuss  the HPV Virus. Help out the cause, tell your story or just get the word out and link back up at Lee's blog!

These are the facts that Lee had up:

*an estimated 75% to 80% of males and females will be infected with HPV in their lifetime

*about 6 million new cases of genital HPV in the United States each year

*74% of cases occur in 15- to 24-year-olds

*affects both females and males

*transmission can happen with any kind of genital contact with someone who has HPV—intercourse isn’t necessary

*the virus often has no signs or symptoms

*in women, 2 types of HPV cause about 75% of cervical cancer cases, and 2 more types that cause 90% of genital warts cases

*in men, HPV can cause genital warts

*GARDASIL is the only human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine that helps protect against 4 types of HPV

Another one not listed here...you can get HPV orally and is it has been linked to throat cancer.  So all the proponents of oral isn't sex or there aren't as many risk that way out there, here is another mark to the contrary.

My story began when I was 18.  I was in my first semester of collage and was in a serious relationship.  I was on the pill.  We didn't feel the need for any more protection than that since both of our experiences prior had been few and protected.  I went in for my second ever pap smear that fall.  I got a call back a week later requesting that I come in with in the week for a biopsy.  The pap had come back with a positive for HPV and typically that meant warts, but it needed to be examined further.  It was a strenuous week and a lot of fighting and blaming occurred in the relationship.

I think it was one week later when we found out it was pre-cancerous cells and I would need to have the freezing done.

I broke off my relationship after that due to feelings of confusion, stress and uncertainty about what would happen.  I was unaware what it meant to depend on someone, and wasn't able to do it in this situation.  I didn't even tell my parents.  Knowing now how insurance statements work, I know they found out since I was still on their policy.  But they never said anything.

I scheduled the procedure for 3 weeks later for the Tuesday before Thanksgiving.  I ended up calling the boyfriend because I would need someone to drive me home after the procedure.

Everyone says that childbirth is the most painful experience a woman will ever endure.  But that memory fades because you get this wonderful gift in return.  I won't say the cryosurgery (nitrogen freezing) was more painful, but the memory is more prominent.

I have often been in conversations with a parent who is against vaccinating their daughter against an STD, and one that is so prominent, thinking that this will give them the green light to be sexually active.  I have a several arguments to the opposite.

  1. My children have no clue what their immunization are for
  2. Even if they never have sex till they are married, they can still get this from their future spouse
  3. Do you want to take the chance you child can get something that can kill them and you have the ability to prevent it?
There are other companies working on more vaccines and even ones that are targeted to boys.

If you do share with you child that you are immunized them for this, please make sure they know there are over 100 strains of HPV and this vaccine only protects against 4.

Memorial Weekend

My entire adult life, Memorial Weekend has been an adults only weekend on the Guadalupe River for the crew.  The only children that ever participated in our group weekend parties were the ones some of us ladies were hosting in our bellies.  Chunky Dunkin' (skinny dippin' for those not rail thin), alcohol, tent camping in sweltering heat, and at least one torrential downpour were all a part of our normal one hedonistic weekend a year.

This year that all changed.  We actually had to include our own children in our Memorial Day escapades...something about our collective parents not wanting to babysit.  Pshhh!

Since we had to include the Little People this year, we changed it all up.  We planned well in advance to rent cabins on the Frio river (tamer than the Guadalupe in many ways).  There were 2 cabins and 5 couples along with all our kids.  Only one couple didn't have kids, but another in the group brought along another friends kids, so it evened out.  All together we had 10 adults and 11 kids (1-1yr old, 1-4yr old, 2-6yr olds, 3-7yr olds, 1-8yr old, 2-11yr olds and 1-12yr old).  Right now I am really wishing I had gotten a big group photo of all of us.  But the one here is most of the group breaking for lunch.

I could give you a play-by-play of the weekend, but mostly everyday would be the same...Play in the river, barbecue, hang out on the patio with a few drinks and let the kids run wild until they wore themselves out.  All in all it was a wonderful weekend and we actually do understand that even our parents need their weekend of hedonism every now and then!

Jun 2, 2010

Blond Moment, But It Wasn't My Fault

Have you ever run out of gas?  Not figuratively speaking.  Literally, run out of gas in your car?  Well, I have done it twice now.  I know the few men who read this are now rolling their eyes, but I swear it is not my fault.

Both occurrences have been in my car.  A 1997 Cobra Mustang.  This is what it looks like (minus the snow...I really don't take many pictures of my car unless something out of the unusual happens...like snow in Houston)

It is a really sweet ride and gets lots of looks when it's all shined up and the top is down.  The only problem is its an older car and it is starting to have a problem or two.  All fixable, just need the mechanic every once in a while.  It's a pretty fair trade off given we have never had a payment on this vehicle.

It got a lot of looks yesterday stalled on the side of a desolate highway about 2 miles out from my job.

Now you may be wondering what kind of idiot runs out of gas.  Well, I took a photo of the gas gauge when it happened...unfortunately I can't load the picture from my Blackberry for some reason this morning, so you will just have to take my word for it.  The gauge was sitting pretty at 1/4 tank.  Seriously?  Let me excuse myself to shout in bleeps for a minute!

Okay, I'm done (for now).  When I left work, I decided at 92 degrees it wasn't too hot to put the top down and cruise.  With a quarter tank I would stop at the gas station on my way home, about 10 miles down the road.  No biggie.  Well the pretty 92 degrees at 60 mph was sweltering stopped on the side of the road.  I called my hubby, who luckily was home, to come help me.  Did I mention my commute is 45 minutes.  And the kids had to be picked up first.  I killed a little time playing with my ipod, messing with my phone that had nearly no signal, and calling my friend Rachel.  I was really lucky I had brought a bottle of water with me when I left work.  Usually, I just use a large tumbler for water when at work, but had grabbed a bottle when in someones office that afternoon.  If I hadn't I would have been dehydrated after sitting there for an hour.

Wait a minute, didn't I say this isn't the first time.  Yes, yes I did.  The first happened about a year and a half ago when I was rushing home from work on a rainy morning after getting a call from the school nurse that Leaky was sick.  That day it stalled at 1/8 tank.  So I stared being really careful to refill once I got to 1/4.  I guess that I am going to have to change my strategy.  Any ideas.  I can't go by the mileage because Clint drives it like the sports car it is and it runs through the gas faster that way.  So anything else you got, just let me know!