Aug 12, 2010

Hand to Forehead Moment

I see no problem with coming home and having a beer - or glass of wine - to unwind after a long day at work or while hanging out with friends.  I recently gave up any kind of drinking more than one night a week in exchange for (hopefully) a smaller number on the scale.

There is a big difference between that and what I grew up with.  My dad would have 2 "tall boys" (16 oz) on the way home and then a 6 pack at home every night.  Most nights ended with him passing out rather than going to bed.

Of the 3 children who grew up in my household, we all came away with different views because of it.  I drink, but am careful to be respectful of alcohol, my sister drinks too much, and my little brother (who is 19) has no desire to drink...ever.

We spent much of our childhood hiding the embarrassment from our peers and teachers.  Friends didn't come over to play.  We went to their houses or stayed outside.

I never want to expose my kids to that kind of life.

I imagine at the moment, some of the teachers and other parents of my sons school may be looking at me or my husband the way I saw those in the know look at my parents.

Christian lost a stripe on his belt yesterday (he attends a karate pre-school).  The reason...during class, while repeatedly trying to get his attention, he kept yelling "I like beer!"  and "Beer Pong is cool!"  Over and over again.

Regretfully, yes, he knows what beer pong is.  We were at a family barbecue/baby shower.  The kids were in the pool and the men were bored.  The second they gathered around the table, the kids got out of the pool to witness the excitement.

Just to clarify - my children have never had an alcoholic beverage in their lives.

I am so embarrassed.