Sep 4, 2014

Life is Crazy!

So....It's been a while.  A long while.  A loooooooong looooooong while.  I don't know why I stop really.  It is cathartic for me to write.

Do you ever get on the phone with someone who you haven't seen in a while and they ask, "How have you been?" or "What have you been up to?"  Do you wonder if they really want to know, or if they are being polite?  Would they listen if you actually filled them in on your life?  Well, here is
What the Smith's have been up to lately.

Me: At work over the summer I was starting to feel underwhelmed at my job.  Then my boss left and my responsibilities increased and I was satisfied once again.  Now that I have gotten in the swing of new task I am starting to feel it again.  There are some opportunities available with my company that I am going to consider.  I'm just not sure that is the direction I want to go.

Clint and I went to Key West in August and had a blast riding scooters all over the island, snorkeling and being tourist.  We got some amazing photos and videos, but the camera, that DID make it home, is now missing.  Can you see my super sad face?

We have a few more trips planned for this fall (2 for Colorado and 1 for NOLA) that I am excited for.  I may actually ski this year.  If you know me, you know this could (and is very likely to) end badly for me.

Clint:  That man is so busy, I rarely see him these days.  He officially quit his day job in January, but was working for himself before then.  He opened a bar in Houston called Voodoo Queen with a few partners last fall. The Republic House in Pasadena, TX, his second step into the bar business opened its doors in late February.  An expansion to include more seating and a full kitchen are in the works.  I am immensely proud of all the hard work he has put into making these successful.

Angelique:  Where has the time gone?  My baby girl is in Jr High!

Leaky has been a busy bee (when was she not?).  Last fall she earned her Jr black belt in Shotokan karate after 5 years of hard work.  It was something she was incredibly committed to and wanted to grow up to teach.  Then her instructor quit.  Then she came back.  Then she took a leave of absence.  The upheaval had a lot of long time student leave right away, but Leaky stuck it out.  By summer she was done.  Her instructor, though back at the school was not as involved with leading her class and seemed less invested.  Angelique didn't want to commit her summer to 3-4 classes a week (meaning she would be home instead of visiting family) when the person she looked up to there didn't feel committed anymore.  

Today is the first day of tumbling classes for both kids.  It is something we were considering in conjunction with karate, but we like it as a stand alone also.  Angelique want to be a cheer leader when she gets to 8th grade and the gym we found coaches the cheer team for her school, so I think it will be a great fit.

Christian:  My loving outdoor boy.  He has probably had the most change for all of us.  

He also stopped doing karate in early summer.  He just didn't seem interested or focused on it anymore.  He is very excited about starting tumbling.  He talks non stop about how he is going to learn how to do a back tuck and back flip right away.  

Earlier this year we started seeing a counselor with Christian.  He has been assesses and tested highly for ADHD and anxiety disorder with a suspicion he may also have a form of OCD.  That is a big load for an 8 year old.  We have all had to learn new ways of communicating and coping skills for him.  Parenting and discipline have become a whole new ball game.  I have (and am still working on) not getting frustrated when he repeatedly does something he has been told about.  Apparently each new thing takes training and multiple mess ups before his brain will save the information.  We have had to adapt and one warning then expected consequence form of discipline.  The next step is for him to see a doctor and see if they recommend medication.  It is not a concept we are completely comfortable with at this time.  In addition, we have been warned that many psychiatrist will meet with you for 15 minutes, ask a few behavior questions, write a prescription and you will only meet with nurse practitioners after that. 

 Third grade should be an interesting environment to see how he does.  One of his teachers is a first year, and there are some concerns there.  His other was one of Angelique's teachers and has a child with ADHD, so we feel she may be better equipped to work with him.

That is the Gone Again Smith's in a nutshell.  Hopefully it won't be 2 years before I manage to get here again, but you never know.  Life is Crazy!